Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Did some celebratory eating and drinking and I've gone from maintaining to up 6lbs. And I'm back to insane carb cravings and food excuses. Like a big alcoholic saying "one won't hurt me." Now I've gotta battle to eat healthy again... cut the carbs. Eat diabetic. More green. Less beige. More water. Smaller servings.

I got 3 runs in over the past 5 days... being tied up with this whole hurricane thing, it was beautiful to get out and run instead of staying cooped up in my apartment with netflix and the lemon bars we made.

Now I like to set new years goals on birthdays because that's when the REAL new year starts.

This year... 

  1. Read 24 books. (at least ONE non-fiction). 
  2. Save $2400
  3. Get down to 250lbs 
  4. Learn 25 Spanish words/phrases
  5. Learn 25 French words/phrases
  6. Write a short stand up bit. 
  7. Work on becoming a morning person. 
  8. Go running 104 times. 
  9. Find something to be thankful for everyday. Write it down. 
  10. Get a pedicure. 
  11. Go swimming... and then make it a habit. 
  12. Visit the Ocean. 
  13. Pay off Discover card ($1200). 
  14. Pay off Tamara ($368) 
  15. Pay off Sarah ($1300)
  16. Put a dent in the student loans. 
  17. Have ONE full-time Grown Up job. 
  18. Buy the Tim Minchin Album
  19. Practice being more fancy. 
  20. Wear out one pair of running shoes. 
  21. Stretch more... like before bed every night. 
  22. Buy one excellent piece of clothing. 
  23. Begin a skin regimen... including staying hydrated. 
  24. Continue to find my healthy nyc habits. 
  25. Do something that challenges my boundaries. 
  26. Fast once a month along with reflection/journal. 

LOVE your body, CULTIVATE your mind and FREE yourself from debt.

Big Fat 26 Year Old Love,
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