Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chef Nanette Gets a Raise

Let me just break this down for a second. 

I changed jobs about 60 days ago, the hope was to move laterally. After my third paycheck of $200-$300 less than what I usually received, I had to have a little chat with my office manager and the doc. They were promising wonderful things, changes at 90 days. Insurance stipend at 90 days. Paid holidays at 90 days. Most importantly, a raise. 

Yeah, well it couldn't wait. For a good two weeks there we played the "invent a recipe from something in the house because you have $1.74 in your bank account" game and the "sure hope we can make the drive to work on fumes" game. In turn, I play the "silently getting stressed, making bread, eating bread, getting fatter" game. 
Baguette! Ooo-la-la!
When you have $0 and a decently enough stocked kitchen for baking... Bread. It's what happens. We pulled out the frozen meats as well. But there was not a fresh veggie to be seen for at least a week there. 

I made Rustic Italian Baguette and Irish Soda Bread.... While I'm ashamed of the carbs, I'm proud of my cooking. They turned out beautifully. 

Anyway... I sat down with the office manager and told her I couldn't afford to work there anymore. I wouldn't be able to wait until the 90 days is over - their response $4 more per hour, $250 per month for insurance, paid holidays, paid vacation starts accruing in October - not January, and a guarantee of 36-40 hours per week - possibly with overtime if things are crazy... which they are - so I will be taking that, thank you! Needless to say - much more job satisfaction - though I still am considering different positions with similar pay and fewer responsibilities. 

So with my last meager paycheck, I was determined to celebrate. I went berry picking with the mister - $13 bought us 7lbs of blackberries. I went shopping and picked out $50 worth of produce - PEACHES! SPINACH! And I took a trip to the farmer's market - basil, green beans, asparagus, red leaf lettuce, zucchini... Delicious. I took everything home and made Seared Ahi Tuna & Nicoise Salad.   YES. omg. I still have an abundance of delicious veg in the fridge. The following night I made buttermilk fried chicken (yeah, I know - but portions were small) and steamed (not buttered) asparagus. Last night was an anomaly. We went out instead of me cooking. I make hot messes in the kitchen (think tornado) when I cook and it stresses the mister out because if I cook - he cleans. 

So I would say I have spent the last three weeks off plan... or plan-less. I hopped on the scale every once in a while to keep it real. I have been attempting to be more active as well - pulling weeds in the garden/yard, took a handful of 30 minute walks, walked to the farmer's market, took a walk during my lunch break, lots of bending/stooping with berry picking. 

Today it says... 359.8lbs

Nanette, this is what Maintenance looks like... 
  • What I am doing well... 
    • Saying No to a lot of sugar cravings. 
    • Cooking at home. 
    • Eating more veggies and fruit, less cheese and bread. 
    • Keeping an eye on the scale, but not weighing 2-3 times per day. 
  • What I need to improve... 
    • Portion control. 
    • Consistency. 
    • Hydration. 
    • Motion - the walks are nice, but sporadic. 
    • Willpower. 
So this week - GOALS...
- pack salad and a protein for lunch. 
- Walk 30 min of the 60 min on my lunch break. (3x a week). 
- Take my nalgene to work and drink it twice maybe even 3x. 
- Pack/have 1 snack between every main meal so I don't get ravenous. (now... choosing healthy snacks... that's a whole different list). 

I have written this list on TWO super sticky post it notes and put one on the kitchen cupboards and one on the bathroom mirror to help me with consistency. If I write a blog, it may stick with me for 2 days. I need it to stick FOREVER... nah, at least a week or until I can recap. 

Big Fat Love, 
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