Monday, October 29, 2012

Riding out a Hurricane

street view of the happenings. 
Never been in a hurricane before. Sounds like Hurricane Sandy is a good one to start with.

MTA closed subways yesterday at 7pm and it's still only threatening today... I'm waiting for something to happen on the edge of my seat in both anxiety and excitement.

I get a couple days of as a birthday gift as a result. Thank you, mother nature! Though I wish I would have been able to buy a couple books to keep me occupied. I've been watching a lot of Downton Abbey and I'm seriously considering taking a walk before I can't anymore.

I was at Union Square yesterday and it was empty empty empty. A bunch of ConEd (power) trucks were gathered on the square and the only cars I saw were taxis. It feels like a movie.

No idea what to expect. But I'm guessing a week long lightening storm and a bunch of flooding (thankfully, I live on the second floor). Power outages... probably. Got my cellphone all charged up. And plenty of batteries for the camera and the flashlight. Bottles of water in the freezer to help keep things cold and to drink if we lose running water... and a bathtub full of water for the toilet flushing...
Union Square, practically deserted. 

Now we wait. I'll think of how this affects my budget afterwards.

Big Fat Blustery Love,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Scheduling...

I have no idea how the people with kids do this. Especially single working moms. 
But as you can see... there IS time for working out. There is time to make a 30 min dinner. There is time to do everything. And if I find ways to make my commute time (subway) productive, I can recharge and have that creative time... So whip out my ipod, a book, my journal, something escapist. Or my budget, or my day planner, or list book.

Today...   I did 30 tricep dips and pushups. No cardio. I'm pouting. Will has family coming in this weekend so our weekend plans, AKA: my birthday celebration with him, is cancelled. But I'm going upstate with him today. He's going to class and I'm going to go on a walk... I guess I can make that productive.

Big Fat Find Time Love,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Steady. Like rocks.

My weight is still holding steady. I've been terrible about giving in to Halloween candy at work and pizza seems to be everywhere! 

I feel like my life is a tub of water... and each one of these changes has been like a boulder being dropped into the water, disturbing everything. As soon as the water calms down, another rock gets plopped in... waves of change, a constant unsettled ripple running through. The last rock has plopped for a while though! The jobs are steady. They're staying. I've found my schedule. I've found how to work the boy into everything. My routine is taking shape. A real routine! No training. No last minute meetings or grand openings.

Now that I'm aboard the "your life is moving forward, with or without you" train... instead of dragging behind it... I can get my head back into weight loss. I know, I know... I've said this like.. 20 times since I got here in June. It feels like starting over. I'm going to treat it as such. 

I am Nanette. I weigh 298lbs (some days I cross the 300lb border). I am fat. I am sexy. I am alive and I am so grateful my body hasn't given up on me. This body has gone through so much to haul all this fat around... this physical manifestation of my inability to control my emotions, boredom and laziness. 

I am doing this for my joints. 
I am doing this for my organs. 
I am doing this to feel sexier. 
I am doing this to give myself more freedom from pain and limitations. 


I bought frozen chicken breasts, salmon patties, tomatoes, spinach, kale, swiss chard, eggs, goat cheese, olive oil, greek yogurt, peanut butter, buckwheat bread, tuna and protein bars. 

I have made a menu to last until the next payday/grocery shopping day. I have found favorite healthy restaurants/options in most of the neighborhoods where I work/play. I finally found grocery shopping options that work for me. 

I am getting back to my fitnesspal. Because I need accountability and to actually acknowledge how much fuel I'm putting into my body. 

This area still needs work. Gotta buy shoes. Gotta sit down with my planner and make the time. But this week is baby steps. I'm going to concentrate on food. If any workouts happen... BONUS! :) 

Big Fat Love, 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not Dead!!!

Hey Guys!

I'm not dead. I'm working 5 jobs (3 freelance and 2 part time). I've been eating half like crap and half not like crap. Running some days. doing mini morning work outs others... sometimes just counting all the flights of stairs I climb on all the subway transfers over the day.

The dress I'm saving for. 
Ultimately. I'm maintaining. Which is amazing. I'm so happy that most of my habits have stuck... like if I over indulge... that's behind me. We move forward. Eat better. Move more. I mean... I may not be winning at the weight LOSS bit, but I'm not gaining.

I found a cute plus size clothing store next to my work. I'm not the largest size they offer! Two sizes down actually... They have a lovely website. There are different cuts for different body types... but let me tell you... their structured stuff, the stuff I normally shy away from, is PERFECT. Bust is big enough, thigh and hips are large enough. It made me feel absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to buy this dress. I'm squirreling away pennies so I can buy it for Christmas or something special like that.

Big Fat Exhausted Love,

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