Sunday, February 24, 2013

Self Challenge... AAAAnnnnd good news.

Weigh in: 310.2 (-.2)
Water: not enough.
Workouts: not enough.
etc. etc. etc...

Been working my face off this past week planning and negotiating and scheduling...   AAAAnnnnnd.. dun-da-da-dunnnn!

I've been promoted to full time at Kidville. I will have 40 hours a week at a higher wage.

This means. No more 60 hour work weeks. No more doctor's office with the accidental penis pictures, or never recovering patients, or watching a "nutritionist" trying to make exorbitant amounts of money off of the ill health of others.

I write my two week notice tomorrow... and then I will be on to having an additional 20 hours a week for my own pursuits. I did the books and it looks like I'll be able to pay all my bills and my debts off by this upcoming december (student loans, aside) and the current relationship is good.

20 additional hours a week means I will be HOME by 6 or 7 every night and I will have two days off a week... IN A ROW. It means that I can spend more time cooking and shopping for healthy eating... no more excuses about stress and running late and needing to order in. And no more "too busy" excuses when it comes to fitness and exercise.

I've been doing my PT exercises and I feel like my quad is getting stronger. I'm going to continue the PT stuff until I get done with this 60 hour a week stuff and get back down to 40 hours a week. Then get my jiggling bits in more motion.

Hard work is paying off and building a lifestyle that can support and maintain healthy choices. (I believe it, and if I say it enough, it will come true).

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Self Challenge and The Upside.

Woof. Late again.

Weigh in: 310.4 (+2.8)
Water: 150 oz 2/7
Tracking: 2/7
Workouts: 3 hours of extra walking + PT knee exercises.

This week hasn't been particularly crazy. It's been TOM and I'm probably going to spend the next 3 days peeing my face off (AKA: retained water). I'm not super worried about the gain.

I have been cooking at home every day. Lots of salad. Lots of chicken breasts. Lots of veggies. I've been packing my lunches for work and everything. Health-wise, I'm eating much more nutritiously than I was before.

The last time I ate out was wednesday. (No ordering in this week at all!) I have a standing dinner date on Wednesdays with a friend. I wouldn't even say that it was a calorie overload. Octopus salad and a glass of sangria.

I can't even be down about the whole up on the scale thing. So many great things have happened this week... Confrontation with the boss who flashed the entire office (on accident, love dropbox automatic uploader)... We aired all the dirty laundry. I was able to tell him that I'm on the verge of quitting if things don't change. Which, I'm probably going to leave anyway and help my friend get a job there so they can build their resume and move on to bigger and brighter things.

I was put into the new location at the other job (the one that's going to put me full time and I'm going to quit the crappy aforementioned job anyway). It will have it's challenges, but I know that I'm supported by my staff and friends. The new location was owned and run by corporate, now it's becoming a franchise. I'm 100% franchise trained and the other manager is 100% corporate trained so we're going to both be doing some compromising. I kinda look forward to the challenge of getting us both onto the same page.  (I may regret that statement later).

Things are good with the boy right now. He's sick. But he's consistent still. A phone call every night. Time together every Tuesday. He'll hopefully be getting a job with the doc. Then getting his own apartment (Rent prices in the city, I really don't blame him for living at home during college). And then we can move forward as grown ups in a relationship.

Big Fat Good Spirited Love,

Monday, February 11, 2013

Self Challenge Check In...

Weight: 308 (-1.1)
Water: 150 oz 5/7 days.
Workouts: PT exercises every day. + 2 hours of extra walking.
Tracking: 5/7 days.

I've still been bummed out about everything. I talked to the PT in our doc office after I sprained my ankle and she asked what kind of exercises I like doing. I told her about my workouts of choice. The fast HIIT stuff. 50 seconds of squats, 50 seconds of lunges on one leg, then the next. Stuff like that. She had me show her. Aside from a form correction on the squats, they were good. She had me lay down and was feelin' around my knees and ankles and stuff. Apparently, my quad on the left side is weakened and has left my kneecap to float about. That's causing some wear and tear on the cartilage... which could potentially lead to knee surgery.

So she gave me some non-weight bearing exercises to do to build muscle. I should be back in better shape there shortly. She also recommended swim workouts - which is probably why I was able to do all the stuff I was doing before. Thank god for Aquacise back in Idaho or else I could have really screwed things up.

On the GOOD side of things...

I'm SO close to only working one job. 40 hours a week. Two day weekends. My boss talked to me about it... I'm thinking it may be like... one more month or so. Before May.

No more 60 hour weeks!!! It's so close! I can taste it! And I think they may have a gym thing as a benefit. Which would be great... I've started shopping around for places with a pool.

Didn't get a fasting day in. Didn't go to an OA meeting. Just been running on empty.

Trying again this week...

Track Calories EVERY DAY. 100%.
Do one fasting day.
Keep doing PT stuff.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Late Check In... Self Challenge

Weight: 309.1 (+1.3)
Water: no idea.
Walking/Workouts: 4.5 hours of walking
Tracking: 3/7 days. Lame.

Been a turd about accountability this week. Everything was going golden then I sprained my ankle and used it as an excuse to be lazy and eat-y. Stupid. But true.

Having a hard time not being ridiculously grumpy. Not sure if I'm PMS-ing. I don't think it is. I think it's a repercussion of working too much (54 hours a week + 13 hours of commute) and the recent undoing of all my progress on paying off personal debt. Alas...  flexibility is the sign of positive mental health. Roll with change, Nanette.

Didn't make it to an OA meeting. I'm still really halfway in the door on that one. Having a hard time committing. I'm intimidated by it, really. Again, time to buck up and just do it. What are am I afraid of? Admitting my problems to myself...   being ready to face them... etc. etc. etc.

New week. New problems to face.

150 oz of water daily
Track Calories
One day of fasting.

Big Fat Mildly Depressed Love,
Nanette N.

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