Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not Dead!!!

Hey Guys!

I'm not dead. I'm working 5 jobs (3 freelance and 2 part time). I've been eating half like crap and half not like crap. Running some days. doing mini morning work outs others... sometimes just counting all the flights of stairs I climb on all the subway transfers over the day.

The dress I'm saving for. 
Ultimately. I'm maintaining. Which is amazing. I'm so happy that most of my habits have stuck... like if I over indulge... that's behind me. We move forward. Eat better. Move more. I mean... I may not be winning at the weight LOSS bit, but I'm not gaining.

I found a cute plus size clothing store next to my work. I'm not the largest size they offer! Two sizes down actually... They have a lovely website. There are different cuts for different body types... but let me tell you... their structured stuff, the stuff I normally shy away from, is PERFECT. Bust is big enough, thigh and hips are large enough. It made me feel absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to buy this dress. I'm squirreling away pennies so I can buy it for Christmas or something special like that.

Big Fat Exhausted Love,


  1. You will look great in that dress. Being busy should help you stay on plan with the eating. I get into trouble when I am just sitting around too much. Take care.

  2. Girl, you have expensive taste! No way I could afford any of that stuff, although I did check them out online and they do have really cute clothes. I'm glad you aren't dead, and I'm also glad you're maintaining. I spent the last nine months in a stasis of sorts, and while I definitely don't advocate that, I think that learning how to hold steady is a good skill to have. <3

  3. $248 !!!! Whoa momma...welcome to New York...ha! But seriously, those are some super cute dresses/outfits on their site.

    Good job on getting in some workouts and not gaining as you maneuver 5, you are kinda like Super Woman. ;)

  4. Great job maintaining! Sometimes that is all you can do. Love the dress! I bookmarked the site to check it out later.

  5. Ah, the energy and go-get-em of youth, to be able to run around so much and do so many jobs. Go for it, dear! It's your time. And here's to the great blue dress being yours soon. Make sure to check around online--ebay and stuff--to see if the same dress is available CHEAPER. I do that all the time and have gotten designer stuff for 20 and 30 and 40 bucks. :D



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