Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Scheduling...

I have no idea how the people with kids do this. Especially single working moms. 
But as you can see... there IS time for working out. There is time to make a 30 min dinner. There is time to do everything. And if I find ways to make my commute time (subway) productive, I can recharge and have that creative time... So whip out my ipod, a book, my journal, something escapist. Or my budget, or my day planner, or list book.

Today...   I did 30 tricep dips and pushups. No cardio. I'm pouting. Will has family coming in this weekend so our weekend plans, AKA: my birthday celebration with him, is cancelled. But I'm going upstate with him today. He's going to class and I'm going to go on a walk... I guess I can make that productive.

Big Fat Find Time Love,


  1. are one busy chick!! Crap that's a lot to do!

  2. Hey when's your birthday? Mine is next Tuesday, I"m celebrating this weekend too!

  3. I love detailed schedules! You're right, there is time to workout. Good luck getting it all done! :)


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