Friday, September 20, 2013


I know how to eat right.

I know how to exercise.

I know I am capable of pushing myself.

I have just been so damn inconsistent.

I've been staying with the boy at his place for the last month and some. Fat and happy? In love and blind to the time passing by. I'm home this weekend. I have ambitions for working out every morning. Productive lists are made. It's nice to have that even though I'm still split into two different worlds, a suitcase/closet at each.

My trip to Idaho was great. It was a food fest. I also maintained a decent amount of activity while I was out there. Getting back, my fitbit told me I was lazy for about 3 days and since then it's been the usual varying levels of activity... a day of 14,000 steps, 3 days of 5,000 - 7,000. The goal being 10,000. Really, again, consistency. How hard is it to go outside and take a short 30 min walk if you haven't reached your steps at the end of the day!? You'd think I was climbing a mountain or writing a dissertation or something with the avoidance and excuses I make.

Consistency. Make a commitment and stick to it, Nanette.

I commit tomorrow to accomplish the following...
- Go to the laundromat and get everything cleaned.
- Go to the drugstore and buy a new toothbrush.
- Go to the gym and do 30 min on the elliptical.
- Buy a USB to USB cable and save my old computer info.
- Go to the acupuncture appointment on time.
- REACH 10,000 steps.

Big Fat Love,

P.s. New Headshots in Idaho.
Great for Opera

Umm... I think this is hilarious.

If I wrote a book, I'd put this on the jacket. 


  1. As you said, you know all the right things to do -- it's just about doing them. Setting daily goals is a good idea; that way you don't get too overwhelmed thinking about everything that lies ahead. Just take it one day at a time and make each one good.

  2. I've just came across your blog and you are hilarious missy! My husband just looked round when I snort giggled at your book jacket photo, love it!

    Hope you don't mind - I added you to follow. Its not something I'm comfortable enough with to blog about but I could do with shedding a good few pounds myself, here's hoping for a little inspiration!

    1. ha! I don't mind at all. It's actually encouraged. More in the fat fight network... you know? When you do blog... link me. I'd love to return the support!

    2. I blog over at - at the moment. I'm in a bit of a slump at the moment with it if I'm honest, need to get back in the swing of it and stop being such a lazy bum... Lazy bum has been the theme of this month for me.


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