Friday, September 27, 2013

Step it up...

Okay so since Monday 3/5 days I have hit the 10,000 mark. Which is an improvement. But I don't feel like it's necessarily a congratulations worthy improvement. I'm struggling to meet the minimum that I've set for myself.

But we are on the up and up. I won't dog on myself for not being there. I will just be a better version of myself today. The last few days that I've hit 10,000 steps, I've done so in birkenstocks. While comfortable, it's not the best footwear decision for a 3 mile walk.

Today I have laced up my trainers and made a commitment to meet my friend, Lee, in Central Park. I've sorta pre-mapped out my walk and I think I will be able to get a 5 mile walk in before I get home tonight. I should be able to surpass the 10,000 and maybe makeup for yesterday's measly 4,500 (lower than an F if I were being graded).

I have also made a pact with boyfriend. I will no longer eat ice cream. I don't need it. I've eaten enough ice cream for a lifetime. And I'm replacing starches and calorie dense foods like cheese when I make meal decisions. Skip the potatoes, go for some grilled zucchini. Skip the bun, go for  a wrap. Skip the cheese add extra tomato. When the sweet tooth hits, reach for some fruit. Want to go out? Get that delicious looking chicken... in a salad. Or fish... with greens. Or the turkey burger instead of the sirloin.

We're revamping the contents of the house a bit. He loves pasta. That is going to be around. I have to adjust. But we have pre-cooked some beans and meat for wraps. We are pre-making some fruit salads in small containers that are satisfactory for when I tell myself "a little something." I have pre-bagged cheese in half cups (all of this plastic is terrible for the environment) so I don't go overboard when I make a sandwich, or put some on salad, or on top of steamed veggies.

It's a little frustrating to have to go back to square one with all this but it's needed. I obviously have not been flexing my self-control lately and as a result even that has gotten flabby and weak.

I am so damn proud of myself this week though. It is day 5 of not buying any sort of sweet... and yesterday I fought that pretty hard. Walking past 8 duane reades/drugstores on the way home... all of them carrying those chocolate covered peanuts that are only like... $3.50 a bag. This is how we whip that self-control and discipline back into shape. Small positive and consistent decisions add up.

Big Fat Love,


  1. glad to hear you have a good plan. I need to start pre-making meals and ready snacks. It'll make things so much easier. Good job!

  2. I like your substitute list. Once you get into the habit of doing it, it becomes easier.


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