Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 3...

I'm finding that it's easier to stay focused and stay on track if I'm busy. So I'm really glad I didn't wait until the weekend to start this. Fatigue is an issue. I've been napping like a champion after work. Which is good... any time I'm tired or unconscious at least I'm not craving or thinking about food. 

I was talking with a dear friend about this last night. He took me on a drive just to get me away from my brain and my house. I really feel like I don't think about food this much. It's like because I'm not giving into the cravings, my body is sending more to remind me. However, if one eats every time one craves something it's a guaranteed trip to fatty-hood.  So this is me telling my body, "NO." It is retraining. It is difficult. It is a food addiction. 

The patterns I'm seeing is that I want food in the afternoon... and I want food when I'm bored... and I want food when I'm procrastinating. I definitely need to preoccupy my brain... 

So I went on a date last night. His name is Tommy... he's a zoology major, recently divorced (sounds like he's looking for rebounding). Nice enough guy. It was an interesting conversation. A lovely distraction from the current state of brain. We went for coffee (because where there's coffee, there's herbal tea)! He neglected to tell me that he doesn't particularly care for coffee, ah, the date was off on the right foot. Anyway... We only spent an hour and a half talking, then went our separate ways. Always leave them wanting more. A woman of intrigue can't give away all of her secrets on the first date! duh!!! 

If I can get passed "dinner time" the rest of this week, I'm sure I'll have this a bit more under control. Here's to trying real hard between 3pm - 7pm. 

I'll Juice to That! 

Next goal: Night walks. Getting in an additional 60 min of walking 4 days a week. Starting on Monday. Day 7. 

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