Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 4

Yesterday was SO much better as far as cravings go. I think I'm finally regaining control of my thought patterns. The difficulty was battling fatigue. It's the most tired I've felt yet. On some occasions yesterday I was straight up light-headed. So I took a nap (seems to be the best survival method for me).

I had a second date with the same gentleman, Tommy... We went to see Mr. Popper's Penguins. Now, I hate movie dates. I'm a wide person. I'm a tall person. Which is to the dismay of many a date. It's easy to put an arm around a tiny woman. It's harder to put a move on a bigger gal. Logistically it's just more uncomfortable. I'd have to scootch down in my seat at an odd angle in order to find a comfortable arm position for him... or he'd have to sit kind of uncomfortably. Either way, one of us loses. Luckily, he didn't try anything last night. I watched him try and convince himself to... but he didn't. Which is good... I'm not sure if I'd want him to try anything at this point. Just be on your best behavior, sir.

In the process of getting ready for the date, I was trying on some different clothing...   and it turns out that it's fitting a little differently. Only a little at this point. Less belly is getting in the way of the length of shirts, and tightness of pants. Downside, might be losing a little boob too. :( Just don't sag. Just don't sag...   repeat it with me...   JUST DON'T SAG! 

But again, getting out of the house in the evening proved to be very beneficial. I got home. Made a mini fruit juice (8oz or so) of strawberry, grape and apple juice and went to bed early. Here's to tomorrow. Here's to better fitting clothes. Here's to less awkward dates.

I'll Juice To That,

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