Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Fresh Start...

So here's the deal readers. I'm off the juice thing. It was kinda unhealthy towards the end there. I was so under energized. But it was great to know I could go that long with no, or little (if I'm being truly honest), solid food consumption. I learned that I have the ability to exert a great amount of control over what I put in my body. As I slowly introduced different foods, I've been able to see their effect on my well-being.

Carbs make me feel empty and like I could just keep eating.
Red Meat and Dairy make me feel like napping, without letting me actually nap - I've TRIED.
Refined Sugar (not naturally occurring fructose) gives me headaches similar to caffeine withdrawal.

The new plan of attack is increasing exercise while keeping healthy eating habits going. You know, that thing where you reduce intake and increase output in order to create a smaller outcome. That thing that's worked for everyone, for years, but is really hard so people look for short cuts. Yeah... I'm going to try that fad diet. heh.

The goals. So I have to be accountable for them.

  • Half my body weight in oz of water consumed daily. 
  • 6 work outs a week (2 swimming classes, 2 dance classes, 2 free gym). 
  • No corn syrup, soda, caffeine, booze, or enriched white flour. 
  • Eat out less. Cook in more. (aka: reduce going out from 5 times a week to 2, babysteps). 
  • Eat more like a gatherer than a hunter. 
  • Drop 4lbs a week. 

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