Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dreams Into Plans

It's the second week of the semester. First week upped my walking just by going to classes. This semester I'm taking a dance basics class (bits of tap, ballet, jazz, yoga & Pilates) and an acquacise class (not for grannies, it is HARD)... on the same day (Tuesdays and Thursdays). BIG. DUMB. MISTAKE. I've been sore for over a week now.

However, I'm down 7lbs since I started a week ago. I weigh myself pre-peeing, pre-work out. So there's no phantom loss or whatever. I'm thinking it's water weight. I need to get some before photos going so I can do a "contrast and compare" afterward. Maybe tonight. What to wear... Lord, the world isn't ready for this tubby in a sports bra. But how about a cami and some short shorts.

Today after swim class, I limped out of the gym. My quads are KILLING me. I can't bend at the knee properly right now... I feel like my leg is supposed to bend backwards. So I gave myself motivational speeches...
"Nanette, you're going to go to dance class."
"I don't want to go to ANY more classes. Maybe I can pretend like I have a dentist appointment."
"That's NOT THE POINT. Weight loss isn't easy. It sucks right now but you'll be glad later."
"Okay... But I can't freaking bend at the knees. What do I do when I get there?"
"Tell you what. Get dressed. Walk up there. If by the time you walk all the way to Redhill you still want to turn around and go home, you can."
"That sounds good. I'm probably going to turn around."
"Yeah... probably. But then you climbed the hill. That's a plus. exercise-y."
Well, as inspiring as the conversation was, I DID go to the rest of my classes. I DID change into my work out clothes for dance class. I DID fall asleep putting on my shoes. I DID show up late for the class after dance.

Punishment: Walk home from work tonight instead of getting a ride with Angela. AND, I owe myself one work out this weekend (and no dumb little 30 min on a bike work out, a full hour).

As far as food goes, today has been good.
Breakfast: Prunes (for potassium) & cantaloupe (for the sake of it over-ripening in my fridge)
Lunch: Smoked Almonds (my bacon replacement) and an odwalla bar.
Dinner: TBA

I'm stuck at the office. Here are my options: tough it out and eat when I get home at 10pm (Which will make it 12 hours since I last ate), Jimmy Johns (no mayo, no cheese), or eating a packet of oatmeal. Again, the internal struggle. Let's be objective... I have not consumed enough calories today. I've had a lot of fruit, no veggies, a little grain/seeds. Methinks a Jimmy Johns veggie sub sounds great. This makes the first time I've gone out for food this week. And tomorrow is the bodies exhibit with the voice ped class where we travel to Idaho Falls and go out for dinner afterwards. That means I'm at the limit for the week. Good thing it's Thursday.

Okay...   so If you like diet talk, there it is. :) If you don't like diet talk, try my other blog HERE or even HERE

Big Fat love,

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  1. Your name is so pretty. :) Sorry you're sore! I think a dance basics class sounds super fun (aquacise I could go either way, haha).


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