Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another weeeeeeek

Well...   it's been sort of a crazy week.

Broke up with J for some poor behavior.
Got a UTI.
Treated a UTI.
Got Blood test results back.

So here's the up and up. I'm feeling pretty good that my efforts are reflected in my blood work. I kind of wish I'd gotten it done earlier so I could have something to compare it to.

HDL: 38 (low, should be over 50)
LDL: 77 (low, should be between 100-150)
Cholesterol average thingy: 3.5 (PERFECT).
Blood sugar: 99 (anything below 100 for my age is good).

Doc says clean bill of health. Keep going. Keep losing.

Like everyone else, near season change, I'm having a hard time remembering what I want and staying motivated by what I've done. The fight against hibernation is DIFFICULT.

Issues I'm trying to address

Sleeping - I'm sleeping too much. I slept through my alarm clock this morning and missed a work out. Unacceptable. It drains the energy I do have. So, no more naps in the afternoon. Stick with your 6-7 hours. Reset the habit.

Water - UTI came on from being too dehydrated. My body has gotten used to the high levels of water and when I don't keep it consistent, it revolts.

School work - It's too easy to skip class, not do assignments and not pay attention. This, I hate to say, has been priority number one for the last week and will be until Thanksgiving break. I HAVE TO GRADUATE.

Finances - It's time to re-assess and get NYC savings fund back in shape, alter my monthly budget and stop buying crap I don't need.

FOOD - This is the same as finances. It needs planning. I need a revamp. I'm excited to clear out my cupboards over the vacation and re-organize my kitchen into a place where I feel inspired to create things. I've been eating too little on some days - like starvation mode too little, Only to OVERLOAD on calories on other days. I usually make menus on the weekend. I've fallen behind.

Workouts - It's cold, in case that slipped by other Northern US readers. I am car-less. Which is great if I need to get somewhere, as it forces exercise. But at this point, I would KILL to be able to drive to the gym, heck, I'd even work out LONGER to make up for not walking in frigid air. It's kicking my motivation's ass just to get out the door.

Basically, all the good habits I've worked so hard for since July have disappeared... slowly. By letting myself skip something once. twice. three times. Oh well. I haven't been good to my body for two weeks and I'm mad at me for it. You are what you eat. I'm a whole lot of saturated fat and salt.

On the plus side, the break up was... inspirational. My goals are within reach. Some of the garbage-y bits had been holding me back (encouraging bad eating behavior). It's funny. This thing only lasted a month but I already feel like I'm free again. Back to Nanette Normal. NYC normal. Lifestyle change normal. It's one less thing on the plate of life that I have to worry about. Sheesh, what I'll put up with for a little affection. I disappoint myself.

Big Fat Fresh Start Love,


  1. Girrrrl, I am SO glad you kicked homeboy to the curb. I'm sorry if you're sad, but I'm proud of you. I've dealt with shitty behavior for far longer than a month, so you're doing good in my opinion. You needed a shake up and it sounds like this week, you got it. Let's both keep kicking ass from here on out. I refuse to let winter win! Are you planning on moving to NYC? That would be awesome.

  2. You are doing the right thing. I know it´s hard to be alone, but if the relationship didn´t do you no good, it was not worth it. As I saw in MFP you had a really great workout and you kicked ass today! You can do it!!

  3. Kicking dead weight to the curb is a step in the right direction to the road that I'd your life! A month in & you knew you had to do it & did , I was once with someone for 9 years that I knew I shouldn't have been from about a month in so KUDOS for being strong enough!! Now back to taking care of you:-)

  4. You go! It's much easier to recall a slipped habit than it is to start a new one. That whole "riding a bicycle" sort of muscle memory.

    And the cold part? Shivering burns a few extra calories. So does schlepping around in twenty pounds of coat, scarf, boots, gloves, etc.

    Get focused, enjoy your new found freedom and get back on track!!


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