Monday, November 28, 2011


last week's check in was 339... still maintaining.

I'm sure this week is a gain. But I won't know until swim class on tuesday.

My laptop is still down. More when I get it back. :(


P.S. Dad had his second back surgery. He's in a full time rehabilitation facility and doing much better... but it's going to be a very long time until he walks again. They're working on having him sit for longer amounts of time. He's up to 20 minutes. Soon he'll be doing transfers from bed to wheelchair to toilet and etc.

EDIT: This week 329 AGAIN! - at least it's not a gain after the holiday.


  1. I'm hoping for a loss for you this week. A nice round pound or two. Fight for it.

    Let's all stay on it and never give up.

    And may God give special healing graces to your papa. Try to keep it as stress free on you as you can--good thoughts, meditation, naps, whatever it takes. Sress is bad for a body...and moreso one that wants to drop fat.

    Be well...on we go...

  2. I´m so sorry about your dad and hope he will heal soon! My father is in the hospital too, so I can feel with you.

    I´m hoping for a loss too! Good luck!

  3. I'm sorry about your dad, and sorry about your computer. I miss your updates. Hope you're back soon. xx

  4. Back surgery can be tricky & takes a while to fully recoup, hope he does well with it all:-). My mom's been through it twice also & it's been about 10 years or so & she's finally learning to deal with the differences in how she has to do things.

  5. Grrr...broken computers are such a nuisance, right? I mean, how dare they crap out on us when we need them? They should run forever, or at least until we get a new one. :)

    Maintaining = good, but don't get complacent. Keep working at it and pushing for a healthier you.

  6. You mean 329, right, no 339?

    Email me. A legitimate plateau--where the body actually is just holding on--can be a crazy butt experience (unless you have other measures to get you through). I'm a onceuponadiet --my old blog's name, no separation-- and it's a gmail dot com account.

    A real plateau will break, and usually break'll lose a nice chunk.

    HOwever, with your activity and 1900 cals, you shold be losing. If you're not, then you need to check:

    1. Are you measuring the stuff properly, tracking calorically as close as you can (no one is perfect)

    2. Are you not sleeping well?

    3. Are you eating the wrong foods--1900 calories of fat-busting foods is different than 1900 calories of crap in how your body processes it (especially if there is metabolic derangement).

    4. Are you having a new medical issue. Thyroid problems (which I have) can make losing tough. It's a fight all the way. And for folks who have it and are untreated, it can make losing weight nigh impossible. Other medical conditions may apply.

    So, those are things to check into. Email me if that wasn't clear...otherwise, just take it one point at a time--measure, sleep, etc.

    Later, babe.

  7. YES! 329.

    I had the blood work done after this little plateau hit. Everything has been pretty normal.

    It might be sleep or stress. I've been under estimating my physical activity on fitness pal. I don't count my walking/travelling time to and from places only my gym time.

    I'll have to take a better look at the calories. I've been consuming some higher sodium things. But lower fats generally. I could definitely integrate more fiber and WAY more water.

    And maybe stress? It has been since about midterms and with finals coming up... maybe things will shift when the break hits.

  8. Sending good thoughts you and your Dad's way, Nanette!


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