Monday, September 24, 2012


Broke up with the guy. Things just weren't staying very peachy. Trying not to eat my sadness. Just feel it. Trying not to fall into the stupid break up despair that happens sometimes.

I made a bunch of work out calendars and budget calendars yesterday so I have fewer decisions to make. Good ones will be made for me.

I also talked to my roommates. They had a wine and cheese party for me yesterday. Didn't drink. But I definitely ate cheese. I told them that this has to be the last sort of thing like this that happens... I need their support to keep losing weight. One of my roommates is also trying to lose weight so I have a support buddy there too.

We all agreed to keep less candy in the house and if we have candy, just don't offer it to the fatty. Otherwise, we're pretty strict about eating only what you've purchased. I've found a grocery routine that's more healthy than what I was doing before. I've also developed a system for shopping at trader joe's. Just get in line... fill up your basket as the line winds around the store.

I'm still seeing smaller numbers. Today I'm down to 296.

Still interval running and stretching. Getting back into the HIIT stuff in October.

Big Fat FALL Love,


  1. It's good that you had the talk with your roommates. They need to understand how important losing weight is to you. Even the ones who don't need to lose weight should want to be healthier. While we should be able to withstand the temptation, it certainly is easier if it's not around. We don't need to go testing our strength all the time. Sometimes we are able to be strong and other times not so much. Ending a relationship can be very emotional but if it was for the the best then you are the better for it. Take care.

  2. Sorry to hear about your break up, that is never nice and always stressful. I am proud of you for talking to your roommates about the wine and cheese event and the junk food though...good for you.

  3. Hang in there girl. It's really hard not to eat your feelings but you can do it!

  4. Glad you have support from your roommates; I'm sure that'll help.
    I know break-ups are tough, but just think that working off any calories will be tougher (and probably take longer). Hang in there and keep pushing forward :)

  5. Lady, I came to catch up on your blog, and you haven't updated in weeks. Where are you? I miss you.

  6. Hi Nanette! Please come back soon. I restarted everything last week and created a new blog and have been visiting all the sites of awesome people (that's you). congrats on your move to NYC! -sara (formerly of losing weight is difficult)


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