Monday, February 4, 2013

Late Check In... Self Challenge

Weight: 309.1 (+1.3)
Water: no idea.
Walking/Workouts: 4.5 hours of walking
Tracking: 3/7 days. Lame.

Been a turd about accountability this week. Everything was going golden then I sprained my ankle and used it as an excuse to be lazy and eat-y. Stupid. But true.

Having a hard time not being ridiculously grumpy. Not sure if I'm PMS-ing. I don't think it is. I think it's a repercussion of working too much (54 hours a week + 13 hours of commute) and the recent undoing of all my progress on paying off personal debt. Alas...  flexibility is the sign of positive mental health. Roll with change, Nanette.

Didn't make it to an OA meeting. I'm still really halfway in the door on that one. Having a hard time committing. I'm intimidated by it, really. Again, time to buck up and just do it. What are am I afraid of? Admitting my problems to myself...   being ready to face them... etc. etc. etc.

New week. New problems to face.

150 oz of water daily
Track Calories
One day of fasting.

Big Fat Mildly Depressed Love,
Nanette N.


  1. I want to encourage you again to go to OA. It can only help and may be just what you need to beat this. Go as soon as you can. The others there will be just like you. Remember that.

  2. New Week. New Possibilities for Success.
    Stay positive.


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