Monday, February 11, 2013

Self Challenge Check In...

Weight: 308 (-1.1)
Water: 150 oz 5/7 days.
Workouts: PT exercises every day. + 2 hours of extra walking.
Tracking: 5/7 days.

I've still been bummed out about everything. I talked to the PT in our doc office after I sprained my ankle and she asked what kind of exercises I like doing. I told her about my workouts of choice. The fast HIIT stuff. 50 seconds of squats, 50 seconds of lunges on one leg, then the next. Stuff like that. She had me show her. Aside from a form correction on the squats, they were good. She had me lay down and was feelin' around my knees and ankles and stuff. Apparently, my quad on the left side is weakened and has left my kneecap to float about. That's causing some wear and tear on the cartilage... which could potentially lead to knee surgery.

So she gave me some non-weight bearing exercises to do to build muscle. I should be back in better shape there shortly. She also recommended swim workouts - which is probably why I was able to do all the stuff I was doing before. Thank god for Aquacise back in Idaho or else I could have really screwed things up.

On the GOOD side of things...

I'm SO close to only working one job. 40 hours a week. Two day weekends. My boss talked to me about it... I'm thinking it may be like... one more month or so. Before May.

No more 60 hour weeks!!! It's so close! I can taste it! And I think they may have a gym thing as a benefit. Which would be great... I've started shopping around for places with a pool.

Didn't get a fasting day in. Didn't go to an OA meeting. Just been running on empty.

Trying again this week...

Track Calories EVERY DAY. 100%.
Do one fasting day.
Keep doing PT stuff.



  1. I know its hard, but keep plugging away!! Great job on the tracking!!!
    Its amazing how great PT can be!!! Take full advantage!!!

  2. I have the same problem with my left quads and kneecaps. Strength training in general has helped improve that, especially leg extensions (10 reps per leg, hold up for 3 seconds and then release). My dr. said that strengthening the muscle can help pull the kneecap back into place and help avoid surgery.
    Good job on your exercise! :)

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