Sunday, February 24, 2013

Self Challenge... AAAAnnnnd good news.

Weigh in: 310.2 (-.2)
Water: not enough.
Workouts: not enough.
etc. etc. etc...

Been working my face off this past week planning and negotiating and scheduling...   AAAAnnnnnd.. dun-da-da-dunnnn!

I've been promoted to full time at Kidville. I will have 40 hours a week at a higher wage.

This means. No more 60 hour work weeks. No more doctor's office with the accidental penis pictures, or never recovering patients, or watching a "nutritionist" trying to make exorbitant amounts of money off of the ill health of others.

I write my two week notice tomorrow... and then I will be on to having an additional 20 hours a week for my own pursuits. I did the books and it looks like I'll be able to pay all my bills and my debts off by this upcoming december (student loans, aside) and the current relationship is good.

20 additional hours a week means I will be HOME by 6 or 7 every night and I will have two days off a week... IN A ROW. It means that I can spend more time cooking and shopping for healthy eating... no more excuses about stress and running late and needing to order in. And no more "too busy" excuses when it comes to fitness and exercise.

I've been doing my PT exercises and I feel like my quad is getting stronger. I'm going to continue the PT stuff until I get done with this 60 hour a week stuff and get back down to 40 hours a week. Then get my jiggling bits in more motion.

Hard work is paying off and building a lifestyle that can support and maintain healthy choices. (I believe it, and if I say it enough, it will come true).


  1. Thats awesome~~ SO happy for you!!! Its so hard to work that many hours a week!!! AND to get you loans paid off!! What a blessing~~~

  2. That's awesome! That extra time will really be helpful! :)

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  4. YES! Finally away from that drama!! Congrats I know you have to be thrilled!!


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