Thursday, October 30, 2014

Phentermine 2

Documenting my use of Phentermine...

The first two days I used it, I was flush. Very hot. Very energetic. Very motivated to just do whatever task at hand instead of procrastinate (which is my norm).

The first week I had problems sleeping. I was tossing and turning. I was having weird nightmares.

I didn't feel jittery or amp'd up. I just felt energized... like I was 40lbs ago.

It did incredible things for my focus at work. I would start a project and just work and work without mental fatigue. I was not clock watching, I was not even tempted to check my email, phone, screw around. I just wanted to dig through the task at hand.


I am on the 3rd week now. I forgot to take it for two days. I didn't experience any nasty backlash. I was just really tired. I didn't experience intense cravings. I feel less dire about the need to have dinner RIGHT NOW when I get home from work.

It hasn't done much to tame the hunger beast, I don't think. Which means I am probably fighting more of a mental battle than a physical one. I have lost a little bit of weight... But I am skeptical if it was the medication at all. I went from 345 - 341 (at my lowest) - but I am still floating around 342/343lbs. So, not a huge difference there.

However, "successful if paired with proper diet and exercise." I haven't really restricted myself much other than the fact I'm working most of the day which doesn't lead to much eating time. And I haven't been getting much more activity in because well, mostly because I haven't wanted to and partially because I have been working 12 hour days (training for the new position).

But things are looking up! I am working only one job starting next week. Only 5 days/40 hours a week! I will be doing the normal 8 - 5pm work grind and I will be a much happier camper.

I have been having some intense mood fluctuations, but those were happening before I even started taking the medication. That has much more to do with hormones and depression, methinks, than the phentermine. I actually think it may even be HELPING. I'm down to desperate crying once per week instead of 4 out of 7 like I was near the beginning of October (first week before I was on phentermine). It has also contributed to a lowering of my body temperature. I'm no longer experiencing any overheating symptoms like when I first took it. If anything, my fingers are FREEEZING. All of the time. All of it.

I slightly suspect that it may actually be slowing down my weight loss. ***POOP TALK ALERT!*** I have gone as many as 4 days without pooping and when I do, it's the consistency of freaking soft-serve. ***POOP TALK OVER***

Phentermine works by putting the body into the flight or fight sort of mode. Which is a stress reaction. I am curious as to whether the stress it is causing is releasing more cortisol... aka: putting my body into a fat packing mode. What it's meant to do is use fight or flight to reduce hunger - the body reaction is to tap into the stores for energy in a situation like that. But if it is also causing stress or anxiety, would it be logical to conclude that you would also be turning food eaten into storage?


Conclusion: 10 more pills before I have to refill. I'm not sure if I should refill or if I should stop. Nothing intensely negative has happened but it is a cousin to the amphetamine family and can be both habit forming and stressful on the organs.

I kind of want to try not taking it for a month and comparing my results. Everything I've read says wean yourself off of a med like this. So I am going to taper these last 10 pills... every other day for 3 pills, every 3 days for 3 pills and 1 every 4 days for the remaining 4 pills.

I'm just not sold that aside from the first 4lbs that it helped me shake, if it is doing all that much to help...

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