Friday, September 14, 2012


I feel like I'm emerging from a cloud of depression and being overwhelmed. Things are starting to settle. I got a run in this week. I got a yoga session in. I mean... 2 work outs is certainly not significant in the scope of what I have done before. But two workouts is a hell of a lot more than just ONE work out.

I've found three decent grocery stores near my daily routine that each carry something great.

1) Trader Joe's - mostly healthy, relatively cheap, really long lines.
2) Associated foods - Good produce, no lines, kinda expensive.
3) Morton Williams - GREAT produce, expensive, prepped deli foods (danger), moderately priced health foods. VERY close to work.

Another friend moved here from Idaho. I've been helping her adjust to her surroundings and that has helped me reflect on how far I've come. I also landed a second part-time job this week and I've got this overwhelming sense of calmness that comes with that financial security. Things are going to be okay. I will be able to pay off my debts. I will be able to keep my head above water and love my life again.

Also, found out that the doc is getting rid of furniture and wants to send some stuff my way. Bookshelves, chairs, desk. Things for my naked room/apartment. I'm excited. The weight is coming off again. Down to 298 again... and coming out of a cloud of negativity and panic.

Big Fat BIRTHED Love,


  1. Happy to see things are looking up & the weight is going down:-)

  2. Glad things are getting better for you. I love Trader Joes.

  3. Glad to see things are getting better!

  4. Glad things are settling down for you! :)

  5. Totally cracking up right now. I fell off the wagon soooo much further than you did, but just now got back on. Trader Joes has AMAZING balsamic vinegar glaze, it has the consistency of aged balsamic and a closer flavor to aged balsamic and is amazing on any type of salad or vegetables. It should be right with the other vinegar in a little squeeze bottle. It goes a long ways and it was less than 3 bucks here, not sure what it will be there in New York. Love ya missy. Are you auditioning/planning on auditioning any time soon?


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