Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Week of Allan Challenge

In review... it started off great.

Monday - on track.
Tuesday - right in line.
Wednesday - Annnnd we're off track. Moved that morning, ran late to work, didn't pack a lunch, 5 hour shift turned into a 9 hour shift. Grabbed a bagel and a peach. Fell off the water wagon.
Thursday - Covered co-worker's shift last minute in addition to mine for a 12 hour day. Again... working working working. Ran to the grocery store for lunch. baby tomatoes, bagel, banana to be eaten throughout the shift. Still off the water wagon.
Friday - Long shift again. Had advance notice. Was lazy. Grabbed a bagel. Grabbed two slices of pizza. We're talking zero veggies. Then the roommates and I had a nacho night. Bad water.
Saturday - barebuger and mix drinks on the google rooftop with a friend - and sprained my ankle on a subway platform.

So basically it's like I didn't even START a diet. Where is that girl? The one back in Idaho? The one that started something and followed through?

This is so obnoxious. Probably just as obnoxious for you guys to read. How do I get that girl back? How do I light that fire under my ass? Old me would have just been like... start planning. Just do it.

I just feel like I don't know what the hell I'm doing anymore . Again in a new neighborhood. Again trying to figure out where I can buy the food I need (looks like a 30 min train ride in to Trader Joe's). Again coming up with a work out plan. Someone wanna have motivation for me? Wanna tell me what to do?


  1. I should be the last one to give diet advice...but I've been following your blog for a long time and I noticed how organized and list-orientd you were while in Idaho. You had a lot of really important and scary goals to achieve in order to prepare yourself for the move. And you did it! I admired you greatly for your ability to get through that challenging time and for taking the life steps required to put yourself on the path to achieving a substantial goal.

    When I read your blog lately, I feel like the weight loss just doesn't seem as urgent to you as did the "moving to New York" goal. I also have this problem with weight loss goals. I am the only person enforcing them...they seem arbitrary...maybe I am not used to valuing myself and following through ONLY for myself.

    Allan's challenge is one opportunity to set a goal. Maybe a fitness challenge would be another? A 5K? A competition hosted at a gym? I kind-of get the sense that you need that external structure to fire you up.

    Good Luck!


  2. Girl, first and foremost, you gotta figure out where to shop and go shop for crying out loud. Why are you having to run to the grocery store in the middle of the day to cover the next meal? Find your grocery store, and start carrying your food to work. The long hours should make these small, simple meals easier to deal with...not derail you. And what is it about your job that keeps you from drinking water? Do you not get any time to pick up a cup and take a swig? Or is it that you can't go to the bathroom often enough?

    And you need to express your goals to your roommate and ask for support instead of grabbing pizza and nachos with them.

    You have to want this. You have to do the work to make sure you have the foods you need at home, and packed for work. You have to express your needs to others. But first and foremost again...You have to want this.

    I have SUCKED at losing and keeping off the weight lately, so I know how it feels. This challenge just feels like a fresh start to do it right atleast for a while, hopefully for forever. I hope you find your mojo this week! Come on what you need to do to succeed!!!

    Good luck!!

  3. If you find that motivation, tell me where I can get it....Feeling really OFF too!

  4. Nanette, it's time to pull it together! You can do this! Sit down and take a look at the weeks menu. Make a list of all the ingredients you need to get through the week and buy them. It seems like your meals are being thought of on a day-to-day basis. You've got to plan ahead.

    At the very, very least, stock up on apples, bananas, and oranges. They're easy to carry and you can keep a few at your desk at work so that you reach for them instead of a bagel. Things will always be busy and hectic so it's about incorporating the changes into your daily routine.

    Just go for it. Don't over-think things. You can do it!

  5. Not going to echo what others have written, 'cause they're all good stuff. You're going to have to sit down and plan where to get your food, and then get it. If you can run to a grocery store, maybe that's the place. Hell, I do my grocery shopping at lunchtime and on the way home from work.
    I'm going to write a post later about my week, which has been marginally better than yours. Marginally. The difference is that when I had a meal that was off track, I got right back on for the next meal.
    Moving this week is a big excuse, since you need to figure out where your stuff is, your way to and from work, your grocery store, etc, etc. that takes big mental energy. So be gentle with yourself there. BUT, it will be easier if you set the tone right off the bat with your roomies that you want to eat healthy food!

  6. I have used for staples like whole wheat pasta, low-fat sauces etc. Usually you have to get a 3-pack - maybe you can split an order with your roommate. Good luck with Week 2!

  7. Nanette: It's rough going, but I have found that planning makes all the difference in the world. Not that you shouldn't drink the water,you totally should, but if you are right on with the eating, the water isn't as bad. At least that is what I have found. Good luck! (Stay with it)

  8. Ditto, ditto, ditto.

    And add - you can do this, Sweetie. You can pull yourself together and get back to healthy.


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