Thursday, January 31, 2013

Something's Afoot.

I've been getting the hour of walking in a day. Yesterday I got lost. Went above and beyond. Also tripped in a damned pothole on a cobble stone street and sprained my ankle. At least, I hope it's just a sprain. There's not a whole lot of swelling. Some movement restriction. Slight bruising. I'm thinking I need an x-ray. 

I am obsessed with breaking my feet/ankles. I broke one of the bones mid-foot when I started college and it put me in a freakin' cast/boot for more than half a semester. I'm very careful on stairs now. And any small injury is pretty bleak in my head. So I'm probably blowing this out of proportion. But I'm still going to get an x-ray. Because when I broke one of the mid-foot bones, I was able to let it heal without surgery because I didn't walk around on it and disturb the fracture. I am about 25% worried. 

Also, yesterday I fell into a pit of carbs. As far as calories are concerned, I was probably just over 2000. (I had dinner at a restaurant with my friend Laura, so the count is not really precise). So the number isn't terrible, but the quality of those calories.. not the greatest. 

So yesterday was a fail on the eating. Today is going to be much better. Started off with a bunch of cherry tomatoes (one of my favorite health foods)... packed my lunch today tuna salad. Going to go home for dinner and make chicken cutlet/ feta/spinach pitas. 

I haven't made it to an OA meeting yet. But I still have until Sunday... maybe a Friday night date with myself.

Big Fat X-Ray Love, 


  1. Ugh - I could live in a pit of carbs and love every minute of it!

  2. Don't worry about yesterday. You have a good plan for today.

  3. Hope your ankle injury is nothing serious!


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