Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Check in... late

I'm sad to check in late because Sundays weigh in number was better.

Weight: 316.2 (-.8).
Water: 3/7 over 100oz days.
Workouts: 2 hours dog walking, an extra 30 min walk and two hours at the gym (1.5 hours bikes, .5 weights).
Calories: Tracking 100% every day. I'm getting more accurate. It's amazing how much you forget if you don't record it immediately. I'm sticking to 1980 calories a day. Some days I go over (pizza at work days) and some days I'm really under (packed my lunch for work days).

I've got a workout buddy on Wednesdays and I'm scheduling social work outs with friends. Because that's a commitment I always keep... I always keep my social plans. Gonna run with it.

Food...  When I start eating, I don't really stop. So I take lunches packed with baby carrots or cherry tomatoes so I can eat one at a time through out the day. I've also begun a habit of grinding my teeth (that started months ago). I'm sure that these things are related.

The future... This upcoming week, Laura (losing for her wedding) and I are going to try break that habit together by brushing our teeth as soon as each meal is over. Everything afterwards will taste gross for a while and who couldn't use a little more tooth brushing in their lives?

I'm planning my success with fitness...  

Wednesday - gym with Laura
Thursday - gym with Cat.
Friday - gym with Sarah.
Saturday - work work work.
Sunday - work work work.
Monday - gym on my own - because I need to have independent discipline.
Tuesday - DATE DAY - aka: I'll be getting a non-gym work out.

Planning a menu...   it's going to be rough this week because I've got a guest staying with me. But I'm going to keep packing my work lunches. I may be going out for dinner more. So I'll have to make the best decisions I can. I'm trying to steer us towards seafood and japanese food (non-fried). We'll see how it goes.

Big Fat Future Love,

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