Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Good morning!

Hit the bikes at the gym yesterday. 30 minutes at a moderate difficulty... Working on building my quad muscles. The gym...   was absolutely packed. I was lucky enough to hit someone transitioning off the bikes and that left their water bottle on the machine, so people thought it was taken. I'm hoping that as the gym gets less new, that the machines open up a bit more. Granted, it was 6:00pm and everyone was doing the same thing as me and stopping in after work.

Yesterday's eating...
Breakfast: yogurt
Snack: avocado
Lunch: half a slice of pizza, .5 cup blueberries, a whole cucumber sliced.
Snack: Clif bar
Dinner: Steak (4oz), baked potato, handful of spinach and a pinch of blue cheese.
Snack: spoonful of peanut butter (non-sweetened, non-salted). and two slices of turkey.

Reflecting on the G Train
So I would say it's the first pretty good day in a long while. And even then, the food, not amazing. But half a slice instead of half a pie = improvement. Getting both fruit, veg and protein... not just carbs and cheese = improvement. 30 minutes on the gym instead of just sitting at home trying to decide to cook or order in... = IMPROVEMENT.

I'm off and running today. Lots of errands. Post office, dog walking, love my roommate's cat thoroughly while she's out of town, gym, laundry, figure out the bills, scrub the bathroom and take a hot hot bath. ROUGH LIFE!

This is the first week of my new hours. So I have two days off in a row. I don't even know what I'm going to do with all this time. But I'm doing my darndest to make sure it's not just eating. Take advantage of the gym... two days of motion... Since desk work is my life the other 5 days a week.

Big Fat Had Time To Update Love,


  1. Great update! Improvement, if even the tiniest step is improvement. But really this post wasn't a tiny step, it was a pretty big leap back onto the right track. I hope you have a great 2 days off and get a lot accomplished.

  2. That's great Nanette :) Keep it up!

  3. Keep going!! And enjoy those two days in a row!!


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