Friday, August 9, 2013

Day one of no sugar... and Day one of no sugar.

My steps this week... 
Monday: 7576
Tuesday: 9055
Wednesday: 8911
Thursday: 7395
Friday: 8498

Not one day of over 10,000. LAME! I could get those extra 2000, in some cases, by walking to the train station instead of taking the bus that's MUCH closer to the boy's house. 

My steps last week... 
Monday: 7917
Tuesday: 5557
Thursday: 6077
Friday: 7649

So I have increased my average, but I haven't crossed that 10,000 line. I did get 26 flights of stairs today though. I've exceeded 10 flights of stairs every day. 


Let's talk about food. 

Day one of no sugar was such a fail. I had a smoothie that I thought was made from the plain greek yogurt. Boyfriend used the french vanilla... sugar. 

I had lunch with coworkers and forgot the challenge completely. I had a chicken salad sandwich... and then we had cake to celebrate a coworkers birthday... and then they ordered lemon pie too...   I helped along with that. fail fail. 

Got home and then boyfriend and I made nice wraps (sugar) and I didn't even think of the sugar content. Then we had a little ice cream. SUGAR. 

So Maybe it wasn't a fail. Maybe it was an eye opener. 

Today I tried again. 

Breakfast: egg muffin
Lunch: seaweed salad. 
Dinner: the insides of 2 chicken tacos... and the toppings off a really amazing nacho plate. 
Sweet craving: raspberries... and a bite of the balsamic salad that bf has in the kitchen right now. 

Today I succeeded. Tomorrow I add no sugar + green smoothie. 

Big Fat Love, 


  1. It takes time to adjust to no sugar mainly because we're (I was) unaware of just how many things contained sugar (even my canned kidney beans had sugar!!). Once you find the right ingredients/brands that do not contain sugar, it gets easier.

  2. No sugar is HARD! And you are inspire me to go sugar free too. I just came home from vacation and am up for a tough challenge like this. Thank you for sharing and the inspiration.


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