Thursday, December 1, 2011

dunn da-da dunnnn!!!

Writing to you from the fixed laptop!

I weighed in again today. Thursday is usually my CDCC check in number. Again, with the 329.

I got a couple compliments from people in class today saying that I'm looking good. But I'm not feeling anything fitting differently. Motivation is a real kicker right now. I've been so mad at this 329... I've tried eating lots to see if it will move... it doesn't even GO UP. It just sits at 329.

In assessing what's been different in the last 3-4 weeks. It's cold. I'm stressed (finals approach). I'm solidly in a routine of 1900 calories a day, 5-7 workouts a week. I eat warm food. I want to sleep all the time.

New goals. Since the old ones don't seem to be working. 
- More FRESH veggies/fiber.
- More water.
- Change the non-class workout from bike to elliptical. Change the weights from upperbody to lower. Change the swimming from laps to strength training.
- Build more fat burning muscle so even if that damn number isn't going to go down, my body will be reshaping.


  1. Glad to see you back! Let me tell you, you are preaching to the choir about finals stress. I want to eat everything in my house. I refuse to maintain this week, although I only have two days left to lose. I'd better see that scale budge. Hopefully I'll be able to get my shit together this coming week. Well--if finals don't throw me for a loop. Gah!

  2. Then switch it up. Do a DIFFERENT exercise from what you ahve been doing. Do a different meal plan. Do 1700 calories for three days and see what happens. Then do 1900 again. How much fluid are you drinking again? How much sleep? Try cutting ALL starches--nothing but veggies, protein, fruit for a spell.

    Find ways to destress. Tell your body to fricken move DoWN the scale. Visualize it. Lie in bed and SEE it. See 328 on the scale ...see it in your mind and believe it will happen.

    Hey, I believe in trying all sorts of things, including stimulating the brain. The brain controls the body. Tell the brain to do better. :)

    Maintaining is always better than gaining. Now, shake things up and go lose. (And get a check-up as needed. You should be losing at that caloric level. Something may be up.)

  3. I went back to last post and saw your reply that you got the bloodwork. OK. chalk it up to stress/plateau and tell yourself every AM and PM that it will break and you will swoosh down. It will happen. I believe it.

    Stress is a mother. ; )

    And a lot of strength training can cause inflammation...but a swoosh is due. Can't wait for it to happen. It'll be exciting.

    I've seen swooshes of up to 5 pounds. It can be really nice when it happens. :)

  4. Agreed with Princess Dieter on this one.. change things up to shake up your usual routine. Perhaps that will help. Everytime I felt I was hitting a wall it was always then that I would hear compliments from other people and that always helps :0) Stress is the enemy and I really hope you get to unwind and find time to de-stress every now and again. xoxo

  5. Stress is a killer!!!! Take lots of deep breaths and you will make it, and those pounds will catch up with you once life slows down.


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