Sunday, August 24, 2014


Hey there blogosphere... 

My mind is racing and I just need to dump it semi-privately (none of my immediate friends and family have access to this blog).

I have moved away from New York City. It was 2 years of food and fatness. I am up from my low of 289 to 346.6 and still not entirely all the way back up to 368. Thankfully.

My brain is broken, guys. All the things that made me charming and successful before are broken. My positivity. My hope. My consistency. My willpower.

I'm back in a slower city... where I have got nothing but time to figure this shit out. I am working, but only a few hours a day. I am looking for additional work but I'm not going to rush it, or take something not worth my time (aka: below $15 an hour).

I am still with my mister. Which has added an entirely different dimension to my self-perception, awareness and stability.

Things fluctuate in that relationship. We have definitely had our ups and downs. I figure that's normal. But it always seems so extreme... and my relationship with food is part of the problem. Mister is aware I eat my feelings. I have asked him to help. But the approach hasn't been working. It's done the opposite which in turn takes effect on the relationship. Things are hard today.

I don't know that I'm fully aware of my feelings enough to type them into permanence in regards to the relationship aspect of all this. So...  let's compartmentalize for now.

Relationship with Food. 
Food still guides a lot of my thought and behavior patterns. I am still not making the best choices. I have created an entirely new, complex system of justification and avoidance of accountability.

Relationship with Body. 

My poor body. I am barely aware that beneath my shoulders exists. I can see it in my coordination. I can see it in my depth perception. I can feel it in the way I breathe... of course, only when I'm paying attention.  I am in a waivering state of denial about the consequences of my weight re-gain.

I know that I've put weight back on because the clothes don't fit. Because old aches and pains are back and worse. I know that my knees are getting more worn out and it's harder to do things that I want to. I hate saying that there are things that I can't do anymore, but running, is out of the question. So is some of the high intensity interval training. I feel like last time I went that extreme, yes, I saw results, but I damaged and aged my body along the way.

Then on top of that... New York City. The city of hard pavement and subway stairs has also been rough on my ankles, knees and hips as I experienced the city with mouth wide open. Tasting everything new and delicious. Breaking so many of the rules I had previously given myself because "I'm in New York. I need to at least try it." Then opening the pathway back to sugar and carb addiction. Opening back up to binge eating. Day long grazing. Trying to cope with stress by chewing.

What the F*ck Are You Going To DO About It? 

Well... I guess I'm back here, in blogland. Less so for comments and attention. More so for being able to externalize and witness the bullshit I'm feeding myself mentally and hopefully breaking some of the thought patterns that I recognize.

As an external processor in a new city, with only my significant other as my social network, I need a place to put the thoughts together.

Tears, Snot and Sunburn.
It is bizarre... Without voicing my thoughts, my understanding and interpretation of the world around me, it's like I numb myself or go through it without experiencing it. Though on the opposite end of the spectrum, I have lived to create stories before too. So I'm hoping that we can just find a little balance.

I need to pony up to the food I eat daily.
I need to acknowledge my activity level and change it.
I need to weigh in weekly.
I need to hydrate more consistently.
I need to get out of this fat fat fat fat fat depressing sad fat fat fat head space.

Big Fat Love,
Nanette N.


  1. This post makes me so sad I remember that feeling, heck I still AM that feeling from time to time but reading this it sounds like your in a place of almost giving up VS trying to give yourself a kick up the butt. Stay strong sweetie, I know its hard and I, like you, am guilty of making excuses to myself when I'm about to put something I shouldn't in my mouth. When I am in England visiting parents I can express all sorts of will power, I did a 10 day juice cleanse just last month BUT once I got home to my comfort zone it all just falls apart :S For me its more habbit than emotional eating but I think that might just be because I'm in a good place. Just keep going with it the only real failing is in stopping trying.

    Is there something you could do to empower yourself? Like an upcoming event or another goal that would give you some joy in your weightloss?

  2. It sounds like we're both in the same place right now huh? I'm already starting to feel a bit better. Not because I miraculously decided everything is great but because I re-brought perspective in to what I need to do. I wanted to ask you;
    would you like to make a simple goal of counting your calories for a week with me?
    You can choose if you want to restrict your calories to a certain amount or just eat what you eat but log everything. I think I'm going to work on trying to keep it at 1500 calories a day. We can blog it in at the end of the day knowing that the other person is going to be doing it too. Just to help re-start that habit. Counting calories (although a bit annoying) has always helped me lose weight in the past. What do you say? It will give us something to work on. What I love about determination is that it's not a happy or sad thing. Emotions can sway it but can't take it away. :D
    Let me know. I think I'm starting today.

  3. It is incredibly hard moving to a new place and adjusting! I know what you mean about NYC and wanting to try everything. My sister lives in NYC and every time I go there, it's definitely overwhelming.

    I think this post was incredibly brave and I wish you the best of luck. When I first moved to Tampa, my entire social circle was my significant other too and it was tough. Thank goodness for social media and other methods of communication.

    Good luck with everything. Don't give up on yourself.

  4. Nanette, I am so happy to see you back to blogging. You've made a bit step leaving NYC for a quieter place where you can concentrate on your goals. You're back and trying and that's what matters. \

    I'm starting the Whole Life Challenge from Sept. 13th (you can read more about it on my blog). It may sound overwhelming at first, but I think it provides a great amount of structure to the day and can help people refocus on healthy habits and make them aware of choices they make. Take a look at it and let me know if it's something you'd like to try. You can email me at plumpetalsfit @ for more info. Plus I've got a free signup code that you can use so you don't have to pay the fee. I've only got one so do let me know soon if it's something you'd like to try otherwise I'll pass it on to someone else.

    You can do this! Don't give up :)


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