Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hey horse, I'm on you!

1916 calories - 54 calories under the daily goal.

SO MUCH WATER! 100 oz+

Erm...  Not so much. 

Much better day today. I just used a little restraint and ate much more normal portions.   Banana for breakfast. Burrito for lunch. Baked halibut, homemade fries, salad and a small slice of pie. 

My interview at the car dealership was great. It's not the most lucrative offer at $9.50 starting for only 15 hours a week as a receptionist. But I kind of like that it's super low responsibility and I only work Saturday and Sunday. Then I could do my remote billing throughout the week and still be able to spend a lot of time with Mister. 

I also followed up with the temp service. They are going to continue to try to find me a temp to hire full time "normal" job (aka: 9-5 M-F). I kind of like that the weekend schedule would give me more time to focus on getting back on track. Time that I never had in New York. 

I will track my calories. 
I will continue to contemplate the job offer at the car dealership. 
I will take a 30 min - 60 min walk. 
I will drink water until my face falls off. 

Big Fat Love, 


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  2. Great job! One thing at a time really. You focused on calories yesterday. I totally get the reluctance to go outside in such hot weather. I was lucky the weather was perfect and I'd been meaning to do that hike forever.

  3. It sounds like you're having a hard time right now. I'm sorry this is happening right now but I'm going to ask you: Please don't give up on your streak! It's day 4. We can make it one week. 7 days of calorie counting rain or shine. I truly believe in you. We can do this. :)

  4. I got my job as a temp, and they were not looking to hire at the time, but what can I say? They liked me! I would totally recommend that to anyone.

    Great job with everything today, but please, stop short of hydrating till your face falls off :)


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