Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day one of the count

3,125 calories.

2 nalgene bottles.

Wandering around with Mister in Lowe's for 2 hours... then returning to Lowe's to exchange the curtains.


I shot myself in the foot with my calorie count first thing in the morning. Had a big bowl of cereal with whole milk (the only kind we have right now) and a banana. Wham! 800 calories. I curbed my snacking for the rest of the day. But didn't do all that well.

I had lunch at burgerville. We were out running errands and I gave absolutely no fight to the burger choices... as a burger has fewer calories than my breakfast did.

Dinner wound up at Shari's... the diner/pie house. Had a sandwich, fries and half a slice of pie.

So ultimately, I made fat choices today. But I didn't overlook or ignore or fudge my calorie count today. That's a big enough step.


I will count calories again... and eat better from the get go.
I will do something active like take a 30 min walk after sunset.
I will rock my job interview.
I will go to that guy's moving sale and find a good piece of furniture.

Big Fat Love,

1 comment:

  1. Tracking is definitely the first step.
    It may not be easy to avoid unhealthy/high calorie foods when going out, but for me, not buying that kind of food and having it in the house is an important step for me to avoid those high calorie intakes. I know that if it's in the house, I'll eat it ... best to avoid that temptation in the first place!


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