Saturday, August 30, 2014

Berry Picking and An Injury


1734 calories

Not enough. 

No walking, but I did get a good bit of berry picking in. During which I tripped in a gopher hole and twisted my ankle. Didn't stop me though... I kept picking for another hour. 

We have something like 9lbs of blueberries and some great bartlett and asian pears. I can't wait to sink my teeth into the heirloom tomatoes. They were also selling local honey which should help with Mister's allergies. 

Afterwards we got home and had ANOTHER HUGE tear, snot and sobbing argument. Followed by a HUGE kiss and make up and both of us trying a different approach to conflict resolution and making sure that the needs expressed are the needs met. 

Then of course the obligatory after argument pizza.

But I had eaten so little as the day was going on that I still came in under calories. Woohoo! Still not healthy. But we're in the right numbers. 

After we got home with the pizza, I sat down to start up netflix on my macbook...  and it's not reading the hard drive. Potentially the computer I still have not completed paying off is dead. 

Then we went out for pie. Nice key lime pie. 

Still under calories. I couldn't freaking believe it. But hey, I understand this is emotional eating and still not healthy, but I'm ready to celebrate staying under the 1980 calorie allotment given by MFP. 

Today... Saturday...  I will double up on the blogs to get back on track (thank you, mister for lending me your laptop). 

It's starting off smart with yogurt and blueberries. And a trip to the apple store...   PLEASE LET THEM BE ABLE TO FIX IT!!! 

Big Fat Love, 


  1. Sounds like you had a good day. I can't judge on the pizza and pie. It sounds good. LOL. Yay for being under calories!

  2. Hope you manage to get your computer fixed. Fresh blueberries -- yum!


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