Sunday, May 10, 2015


That's the sound of me falling on my face.

Lesson served and learned. Moved to Oregon. Between medicinal marijuana and recreational, let's just say I had a brownie that wouldn't stop yesterday. The munchies were strong with this one. This is not a habitual thing. It was a bit more celebratory that I'm out of the terrible work environment and I was with good friends.

That's all well and good until you eat dinner 3 times. I guess it was more like late lunch, early dinner, then early midnight snack. No matter how you split it, the news was not good. BINGE.

I'm not proud. As a matter of fact, I was in the sourest of moods today and I'm pretty sure it's because of my guilt and disappointment in my choices. But I haven't been a good enough sport to fess up.

Today went a little better.

I only ate dinner once.

Breakfast: Cereal w/ Milk (carbs + protein+fat).
Snack: chocolate chips (carbs)
Lunch: left over pasta from last night. (carbs, protein, fat, cooked veggies).
Dinner: burger (carbs, protein, fat, teeensy amount of veggies).
After dinner: pretzel bun with cream cheese. (carbs, fat, protein).

Okay so diet land... I know that none of that sounds good. Or even something worth bragging about. But I gotta say, that it's a step in the right direction. That is how out of control I've been lately. That last 10lbs climbed on in the past month or two. So it's time to lasso it in. Smaller portions spaced more evenly throughout the day.

Envisioning how I'd like tomorrow to go...
Breakfast: Fresh mango.
Midmorning: NO COFFEE, Water if energy dips.
Lunch: Tuna salad and a pretzel bun (I made some pretty intense pretzel buns tonight).
Afternoon: cherry tomatoes + chopped cucumber.
Dinner: Cantaloupe + fennel bulb + mint + feta + lemon vinaigrette & chicken breast.
After dinner: Papaya grenata.
And walk a mile.

I know that fruit is still sugar.. SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR. What I'm walking away from is CANDY. Trying to avoid the chocolate, the coke, the cake, the cookies, the CRAP. Small steps. Also trying to cut back on coffee (and the creamers). I don't think I'd drink it black... so just nix it altogether.

OH! And yesterday I got a 2.5 mile walk in prior to eat-fest 2015.

So that's it. I'm anxious to compare this to next weekend. Make sure I do better than myself.



  1. I currently trying to give up coffee - the first 4 days were hell! I actually have no objection to coffee, but my problem is that I like it milky and sweet, and I know I could do without those calories! I'm eating dates to soothe my sugar craving -- but I need to stop that too. Ugh sugar. Why does it taste so good?! Hope your day goes as planned!

    1. RIGHT?! I'm trying to add more fruit when I'd rather be eating chocolate or ice cream.

      and seriously, why drink coffee if it's not made delicious?! Want caffeine? drink tea. lol

  2. Good luck "N". You can do it. Planning is half the battle. It's a start, one foot in front of the other. Take care. Blessings!!!


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