Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Day the Carbs Took Over

Yesterday was a blight. I had waaaaay too many carbs. I got on the scale this morning. The carb effect was immediate. I was up to 360.2... Let's assess shall we?

Breakfast: french roll with butter and preserves.
Lunch: Sushi (and tooo much).
Dinner: Meatballs and pasta.

Every time I ate the carbs I would justify in my mind... "I'll have carbs this time, but next time I won't." Yeah... wow. Excuses 101. I can't believe I bought that one - hook line and sinker.

It's a pattern. Carbs are easy. Carbs are thoughtless. Hungry? Don't want to cook? Grab a roll. Hungry? Don't want to do dishes? Grab some cheese and crackers. It's like carbs are the fuel in my overeating engine.

Today I tried to turn it around. I'm doing okay, not great but okay.

Breakfast: Greek yogurt.
Lunch: Just the meatballs - no pasta.
Snack: Fresh berries from the farmer's market and a serving of the pasta I passed up at Lunch.
Dinner: TBD...

Tomorrow, I go to work. I need to have a game plan. The last super successful day I had, I took a really nice hearty tuna salad (with almond slivers, celery and green apple). It wasn't quite enough last time. But I think I could beef it up by putting it over spinach and tomatoes. Dinner is that chicken over veggie ragout or a veggie stirfry. Either way - vegetable dense and caloric light.

I need to get the crackers and the rolls out of sight and encourage Will to eat them quickly so we can just avoid buying them again. We still have boxes of pasta for those "UGH - NO COOKING" nights. But as long as they are dried pastas and not fresh or ready to consume, I do alright.

I tried logging calories the past couple of days. I didn't like it at all. I feel like I actually focus on what to eat MORE when I'm doing that. And it gives the food thoughts momentum. I was doing okay without it for the past two weeks or so using the guidelines of lay off the carbs and avoid cheese. I'm going to keep trying that until I hit a snag or stop losing weight... then get back to numbers and calculations.

Food is this obsession. I feel like even when I was successful, it ruled so much of my thoughts. Like if my brain were a pie chart, the important things like family, artistic pursuits, planning and goal setting were such small slivers compared to "what am I going to eat next?"

It would be so nice to just not think about it until my body says "HUNGRY" and then eat the produce at hand. I suppose if I structure it correctly and make those choices easily available. I can be more lax and less obsessive. I guess until then...

Water, more veg, lay off the carbs and avoid cheese.

Big Fat Obsessed Love,

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  1. Hello Nanette! Thank you for visiting me in early May; I went through a bit of a mini-midlife crisis leading to my 39th but now I'm getting my head out of my ass again. Girl, trust me when I say for those of us north of 300 the only thing that actually works is to drop the carbs all together- cheese and bacon good; heavy cream good, steak good, spinach great, etc. the keto boards on reddit are the best, and after the adaptation you are legit not hungry. like everything else though you go off it and well, here we are. That said, I will be back to bug you again and I hope you bug me. Let's get under 300 before Christmas.


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