Monday, May 25, 2015



I am such a stereotype.

I have family in town. I stop blogging.
I binge eat and shamefully stop blogging.
I have a big emotional blow up and stop blogging.
I get distracted and STOP BLOGGING.

Now here's the thing. Consistent choices for your health have to happen even when family is in town, even when recovering from that half box of doughnuts, even when you think that you don't have time for this.


It's no wonder I can't get a good downward motion going on the scales and check-ins. This is my current struggle. I'm so off kilter with making goals and commitments that I haven't been able to get myself to do something as simple as write a freaking blog entry a day.

It may seem insignificant. I mean, does putting words on a page actually change anything? I mean I could just be putting out my vacuous ingestion for the day and that doesn't do anything to change the blogosphere.

But it's not about changing outwardly, it's about changing inwardly and that includes fessing up to the crappy eating. Accountability. Stability. Consistency.

Since when have I had an issue with this? (erm... for about 3 years). I didn't just regain pounds, I regained old bad habits and NEW bad habits.

I haven't given up being more thoughtful in my food choices. I'm still trying to get more veg in per day and cut back on sugar choices.

NON-SEQUITUR - Photos from Mom's Trip
Shopping with Aunt LD 

Photo by mom at my house before taking them to the airport. I like this one. 
Back with it... 

Ice cream. 
Eggs, bacon and toast. 
Ice cream. 
Wild Mushroom Risotto.

I will hike with Will. 
I will eat homemade food with loads of veggies. 
I will burn through 2-3 hours of gardening. 
I will keep my grubby little hands out of the ice cream. 

Weigh In: 359.2

Big Fat Get With It Love!!! 
Nanette N 

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