Monday, October 10, 2011

Body aches and the I-don't-wannas

It's cold outside. Just in case you didn't notice. My body wants hibernation mode. Sleep. Warmth. I do NOT want to have a week of midterms right now.

However, I got my lazy butt to the gym. My muscles complained the whole way there "It's too cold to be walking!" I've been so stiff lately! Despite all the stretching I'm doing. It must be the weather. But see, here's the deal, body. You're going to go and do stuff and you're going to get colder. Because you're going to lose your natural fat-coat/snowsuit. Eventually you'll acclimatize and start wearing freaking layers.

Because... remember... 
- fitting into the CDCC dress
- going to NY on a plane
     - where you fit in the seats
     - where you can shop at the plus size stores (or smaller)
     - where you can audition and not be rejected based on size.
     - where you have the opportunity to meet and date new people.
- you feel better when you move.
- when you exercise you can have the weekend piece of pizza with friends and not fall off the food wagon.
- you said you'd replace music obsession with health obsession and it's important to keep promises, ESPECIALLY TO YOURSELF.
- if you keep it up you can lose 50lbs reasonably by the end of the semester!


- getting good grades and passing your classes means graduation.
- Getting away from THIS place.
- Moving on to grown up land.
- starting life after college.
- jump through hoops = get degree.
- degree = better job opportunities in NY.

So frankly dear, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN. Keep moving. Keep going. Keep studying. Keep trying.

Big Fat Tough Love,

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