Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trying things on...

So I pulled a dress out of my closet that I haven't fit into since high school. It's a size 20. I'm a size 28... still, at least I think I'm a size 28 still. Maybe 26? Anyway...   I tried it on. I remember it making me uncomfortable in high school because I was a 22 and I COULD NEVER fit into a size 20. Well... here's size 28 me, squeezing into and man, did it make me laugh. However, this is an improvement. I couldn't get it over my big ol' belly last time. I'm hoping that I can wear this by the time I get to NY. It's my PCDCC - post Christmas dress countdown challenge. Thank God for stretchy fabric!
 Since I'm so large, it's hard for me to see or feel my progress. I've borrowed a few ideas from fellow bloggers and other partners in weightloss.

One of them is a pair of glasses. I've measured out how much weight I would have to lose to get to 210 - my goal for now. Whenever I lose a pound, I get to take from the fat glass and put it into the skinny glass. I'd probably have a better perspective of the weightloss if they were the same shape. But I like that the coke class has more of a waist. Like me. :)

The other method I'm using came from one of the fellow CDCC-ers, Jillian.  P.s. her blog is super amazing, so funny, insightful and young. Shout out! :) Anyway... I'm the queen of office supplies. I've got a plastic tote full of super stick post-it notes. Since the NY move is coming up, what better way to use them. Each post it represents a pound...   Which I personally choose to have written in BIG BOLD BLACK NUMBERS. It keeps me honest and super humble whenever I have company as I live in a studio. It's visible from every angle in the apartment.

This week I took off the last two lbs of the 4th row and decided I needed to get more of those babies posted. I'm so excited to have those orange ones disappear. When I'm out of the orange I'll have lost 62 lbs. I kinda wish I'd planned it better so that would be a significant and lovely round number. But alas, this is the way of my people. I am 14 lbs away from a 50lb loss! Just keep swimming!!!

 I was also having a lot of fun with photo booth on my macbook before heading to class and work today.

In other news, I've been working really hard at my Music Clerk job - aka program master of the universe. I'm making programs for a high school invitational that I've run the last couple of years. This year, I handed it over to the new choir president. I'm not a mother. But the invitational is my baby. And this new president is proving himself less than capable. It's killing me - I know, hyperbolic. I want it to run well. It's the biggest community choral outreach we have as a university. It represents the music department and our students at the university level. We bring in a reputable guest conductor and he puts these 300-500 high schoolers together into a mass choir. It's a great unifying experience having that many people working for the same goal. I had the university choir director call and ask me questions today. Details. Loose ends. It's SO NICE TO BE MISSED. It makes me feel so capable.

Big Fat Accomplished Love,


  1. Oh Nanette, you're so sweet. Thanks for the shout out! I love your blog too, but I am a bit shit at commenting. I'll make a concentrated effort to do it more often, because you and I are so much alike! We started at the same time, and we've lost the same amount of weight, so that in and of itself is pretty awesome. Nice job getting your dress on! I also like the glass beads idea, just have to wait until i get some more money to institute it, haha.

  2. Love your visuals! Keep up your awesome work. Man if I were in charge of anything musical, I would be stresse too. Of coarse, I am not musically inclined-- at all!

    Enjoy the weekend!


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