Wednesday, October 19, 2011


There's a theme today. It's trigger food and taking "breaks." I am severely regretting not counting calories this weekend. With the new boy saying "stay fat," I've enlisted another friend in the fat fight. Brittany is my cohort in dining. We go out and try to help each other get healthy items. We know that we're watching what one another eats. Last night we made pact to not spend any money on going out for the week. ENTIRE WEEK. Wednesday to Wednesday. We will only cook.

Eating out kills me. I know I will only have good food in my house because it's been shit proofed. There's no sugar, no white flour, no ingredients I can't pronounce...   (at least, now that I've figured out how to say quinoa {keen-wa}). I sat down with my notebook and roughly planned out the week's food, and roughly planned out the groceries.

J texted today and told me he was out for lunch at a burger joint we'd visited. I was eating apple slices with peanut butter and yellow squash. It was a great realization... He's enjoying his food. I would be enjoying that too. However, I'm really enjoying what I have in front of me as well... AND I'm getting nutrition. Because, while this whole thing is about a smaller number on the scale, it's about health. NUTRITION.

I'm trying to understand how to remotivate myself. Because after giving in, I'm feeling like I have to start over. I know I can do it... I need to get my brain and body wanting the same things again though. NUTRITION may be the key this time. Dear other diet friend, Trent, is always asking "how much of the rainbow did you eat today?" I love that he's so supportive and helpful that way. Today I got the yellows, greens, reds and a LITTLE bit of purple/blue. Tomorrow I look forward to seeing what other colors I can eat.

Re-focused, re-centered, ready to eat a rainbow.

Big Fat Love,

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  1. Keep eating that rainbow and remember that all the fat is not good for our's not just for looks its for better health. Hoe you're having a good week.


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