Friday, October 21, 2011


BAD week.

Weigh in: 332 (+1)
Work outs: 2/7
Food: under 1900 calories 3/7
Book: no further.

Doctors visits: 3. I've got an awesome tonsil infection. We're throwing around the word surgery. But nothing is official yet. I'm kinda terrified because I don't know what it'll do to my voice - since that's the chosen area of study and what not. On the plus side, I had them pull blood for the standard health examination. Diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, lipids, etc. It's the first time I've dared see the results.

In the meanwhile, I'm mainly on liquids - yes, I managed to go over calorie limit while just on liquids yesterday. Gotta calm down on the juices. More water and tea.

Things are calming down a little. Swallowing and breathing are getting easier. Post nasal drip has calmed down. I'm going swimming tomorrow. I've given myself 3 days of down time. I'm going CRAZY staying in all this time.

Big Fat Sicky Love,


  1. I´m sorry you´re not feeling well and do hope you don´t have to go to surgery for that.
    I agree on what you said about juices. They may be good for you, but they have a lot of (natural) sugars which make even more hungry. Maybe try to drink more water next week.
    I do hope you feel better soon!

  2. You'll get it all down and then you BF will too. It'll happen. I am sorry you're not feeling good. It total sucks when you're down and can't do what you want too. I know!! I hope that you have a great weekend and good luck with you pact of no eating out and eating the rainbow. Love it!!
    Take care and get better. Blessings my friend!!

  3. So very sorry you're ill and that the treatment may impact your voice HOPE NOT!!!!

    Liquids add up. Don't I remember my juice-intensive days. Just water them down. Liquids are important..tea, decaf, water..and mix juice with water to lower the caloric impact. My sister got in the habit of using like 20% juice to carbonated water....maybe you'd enjoy it that way.

    Heal up, be well..

  4. Ahhh tonsil infections can really ruin a person's day. Get better!!! I am to the point where I am completely satisfied just adding a few spashes of diet cranberry juice to a tall glass of water. Work on it. Your taste buds will change.

  5. I hope you get feeling better soon. You will be losing again in no time! Be good to yourself and let us know how your tests come through.

  6. Aww, that's awful. Really hope you feel better soon, that's scary when protecting your voice is so important. Get some rest, get better, and then get back to it when you can. :)

  7. Oh No!! Feel better, better, better.

    Here's what I know about tonsils and singing, from going through it with my oldest daughter. At one time she was an aspiring opera singer. No, she didn't quit because of the tonsil thing; she decided to pursue a degree in nursing so that she would have better opportunities for eating and living indoors. :)

    Having your tonsils out will probably HELP your singing. Your voice will feel and sound different due to the change in the size of the of your throat(those swollen tonsils take up a lot of room).

    Recovery will take a while, a month or so without singing, and then you'll be restricted to lower ranges for a while until healing is complete. You may get back some flexibility in your low range and will see some improvement in the resonance of your voice.

    Before the surgery, find an ENT who specializes in singers.

    That's all I know. Hope you get some relief soon!

  8. Hope all goes well with the tonsillitis & that you are feeling better soon!


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