Sunday, January 13, 2013

10:59 and all is... stationary.

Weight: 310 (-0)
Waist: (in the A.M.)
Hips: (in the A.M.)
Hydration: Avg - 80oz per day
Workouts: Two 30 min interval runs 3 min run, 1.5 min walk.


Didn't eat sugar. Definitely ate a whole ton of salt and carbs. To which I say BLOAT (and probably fat).

Sugar wasn't much of a challenge. I did a single fasting day... Okay...   not 100% fasting. I had two shot glasses of chia seed w/ almond milk. It's supposed to help move things along on the digestive track. Not that I'm having any problems, but I'm sure it could use a little spring cleaning.

I got as far down as 309.2lbs this week. Not a huge victory there.

I did not do the band workouts. My new shoes came in and I was really excited to run them around. So I'm going to commit to three band workouts this week in addition to a run.

3 arm workouts.
1 run.
1 yoga.


No White Death (aka: white carbs like breads, pastas, etc).

This week's food goal is going to be tough. It's targeting my favorite food group. Pasta. Lasagna. Pizza. (yes. I'm garfield apparently - Incidentally, I also hate Mondays). Bagels. Sandwiches.

It's going to be a whole lot of yogurt, cheese, lunch meat, veggies, seeds and fruits. Like it should always be, right? I know of a good salad bar near both my places of work. One of them even has a great juice bar... Beet, Carrot and Apple. mmm.

Baby steps i'm not sure is 100% working for me, but this week I've gone from the wobbly shuffle of a toddler to the leap of a ballet dancer... this no sugar vs. no grain carbs. Let's see what this does to the weight.

I'm absolutely positive that I need to get back to calorie tracking just to see exactly the kind of damage I've been doing with my diet habits as of late. Next week, I get my smart phone and that will become 100% easier to update constantly and honestly.

Nanette N.


  1. You will feel one hundred percent better giving up the white death. I know I did. Just expect a refined carb hangover. Don't worry though, it'll pass after about 4 days max. You can do it!

  2. Love the label of 'white death' - it's very accurate. Good luck getting through the week!

  3. Down with the white death! Ha!

    I hope you love your new shoes and get many great, sweaty miles out of them!

  4. Ugggggh...the bloat. The dreaded bloat. Grrrr!

    The good news: it'll unbloat eventually. :)

  5. Love the garfield reference, I feel like to too. Keep your chin up!


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