Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Self-Challenge Begins. Stats.

I've deleted all my old stats so I can't look at them and think, "Oh how far I've fallen." Because I'm definitely thinking it. I just don't want the constant reminder.

Starting anew.

Weight: 311.4 -------------> Goal: 250 (-61.4)
Waist: 47" ------------------>Goal: 41"
Hips: 63" ------------------->Goal: 58"

First Month Photos...

I'm on Day Two of 150oz of water.

Yesterday, I made it to 116oz. Today to ensure my success, I've started off with 48oz. I've also bleached out my nalgene bottle for the week.

I did 15 min of yoga this morning. I am going to do another 15 min before bed. Working at a desk for 8+ hours a day and then having built different muscles from all the NYC-style walking... I've developed some serious stiffness.

When I was in swim class, for our final we had to do reports on the weekly health articles the teacher assigned for us to read. One of them was the importance of spinal flexibility with aging. It then quoted some study about seated forward bends. You know, the ones where you sit with your legs straight in front of you and you reach for your toes...   something about that is supposed to be indicative of how well your spine will age. (I'm screwed, I've never been able to do that). I like the standing forward bends. I need gravity to help push me around.

Having sorta lost a lot of the flexibility I worked on gaining this last year, I can definitely say I feel 10 years older. Time to get it back.

When I am fatter... I feel OLDER.

This week I'm concentrating on HYDRATION and FLEXIBILITY.

Big Fat Floaty and Floppy Love,


  1. Things are just going to get better. Today is where we start. I think it's a good idea to take down the old stats. Beating yourself up won't do any good. We do have to learn from it though. Take care.

  2. Each day is a chance to make a change and get it right! You've got your plan - now attack it :)
    Good luck Nanette! Am rooting for you!

  3. You can definitely make all your goals!! Make this year your best ever!

  4. Holy moly 150oz of water... there is NO way I could do that!

  5. You can do this!!! Youre further than you were at this time last year!
    And keep taking pictures!! Youll be amazed!!!

  6. Keep an upbeat attitude! You're a girl going places, I'll follow along. :)

  7. i feel ANCIENT- ha. Good post Nanette- I restarted this morning and I'm so happy you're current. High fives and hugs and happy New Year!

  8. You can, and you will. I will enjoy watching you succeed during this year! :)

  9. I'm glad you ditched the old stats. New Year. Fresh start. Just begin anew. And this time, the STARS, baby, THE STARS. :*

  10. Way to jump back on the wagon! Keep it up. Also, much respect for being brave enough to post all your stats and pictures!


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