Sunday, January 6, 2013

Self Challenge Week 1

Weight: 310 (-1.4)
Waist: 46.5" (-0.5) The un-bloat!
Hips: 63.5 (0.5)
Hydration: 150 oz. 2/7...   over 100oz 7/7. Still working on the water consumption.
Workouts: Three 30 min sessions of yoga.


The holidays were a huge candyfest. Which has led to a huge cravingfest. The plan... Went shopping last night. The house is clear of sweets. Sweets aren't a big huge battle for me, but I'm expecting that this will help sweep the sugar from the edges of my eating.

I'm going to try again on the hydration thing. Since doing it, my weight has been consistent... it's fluctuating less dramatically. It feels like I can trust the progress on the scale when it's fluctuating less.

Non-Scale Victory has been getting back to yoga. Been feeling it in my shoulders and arms the most. Flexibility is improving slightly. I feel like a sissy from where I was with fitness to where I am today. And those self-defeating thoughts are not how I'm going to get it back. I've unpacked my elastic tubing and I'll be working the arm/shoulder area this week (at least 3 times).

Bicep 3x 15 reps.
Tricep 3x 15 reps
Chest Press 3x 15 reps, 30 sec hold
Lat Lifts 3x 15 reps, 30 sec hold.
Plank 60 seconds

It should make Downward Facing Dog a little easier and more fluid.

Hoping to get my smartphone this week! Soon I'll be able to carry the myfitnesspal app with me and track food more easily for the upcoming weeks.

Big Fat Love,


  1. Atta girl. You can do this.

    And gawd I wish I could say sweets aren't a problem for me. I've been known to eat plain sugar if there is nothing else available. Sometimes I wish we could swap out the cards that life dealt us, you know, we could balance each other out or something.

    Anwyay, all the best. keep it up.

  2. The only day that is important is today. This is a lifestyle change. It's permanent. Your body will catch up to your healthy ways. Take care.

  3. It's great that you cleared the place of sweets! I have to do that to, or I find myself wandering into the kitchen for a hand full without even realizing it.

  4. Great job!!! Great goals!!
    And being proactive...getting them out of the house! THats awesome!!!

  5. i am impressed with that plank time, lady! i can seriously only bust out about 30 seconds at a time, on a good day.

    also, yay water/hydration!

    go you!!

  6. Holy cow that is a killer plank time, I am not capable of that!

  7. I love the overall benefits of yoga especially in terms of how it helps me do other exercises better.
    Getting rid of sugar is a terrific step. Way to go :)

  8. How's it going on the self-challenge, toots. Check in. I'm planning to get another challenge going in the VERY near future.... I know *I* need it. :D

    Happy new week!


      New post is up. :)


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