Monday, January 21, 2013

Weigh in: Week 3

Weight: 310.3 (+.3)
Waist: 46.5" (-0)
Hydration: 100oz 4/7 days
No White Death: 4/7 days. 
Yoga: 2/3 days.

Current Frustration: How fickle my willpower has been. AKA: My ability to take control, to take responsibility and make good choices for my body...   FICKLE.

It's not food. It's not situational. It's just that I am incredibly weak at making goals and following through right now. I also know that I have the ability to change that for myself.

My pattern...

Breakfast: The day starts off great. Supplements: E (skin), EFAs (heart), D (mood/energy) and Zinc (immunity). Always a healthy breakfast, Q'ia (buckwheat, hemp, chia) with vanilla almond milk. Throw an apple and and orange in my bag for "hold you over" snacks.

Mid morning. Eat a fruit. Drink a lot of water.

Lunchtime: Keep working.. or commuting. Thinking "I'll grab something when I get off the train." or "I'll take my lunch when it slows down."

Mid afternoon: REALLY hungry. Eat a fruit (blood sugar spike, anyone?). Start contemplating what I'm going to eat when I get home or off work. If I'm at the doc's office (2 days a week), I buy a protein bar. If I'm at kidville, I just bite the bullet. Sometimes the birthday parties at kidville have left over pizza. I'll eat a slice. Or the toppings off a slice when I'm trying to satiate the smart inner person that's already mad at me for the pizza decision.

Dinner: Healthy Decision Day - Eat something from the fridge... salad or tuna sandwich (extra fiber, buckwheat bread) or cottage cheese. Sometimes I'll make a burger or pasta, then feel pride for making something and apathy for the weight I know it will prevent me from shedding.

Most Other Days - Order something in. Sometimes a salad. But too often a sandwich, or pizza. 

Post Dinner:  Still "hungry," at this point I'm sure I'm just excited to be able to eat. Make a snack. Sometimes a few nuts. Sometimes some cheese. Sometimes the rest of the pizza...

Hour later still...   Too full. Drink a bunch of water - probably what I needed about an hour earlier.

I can see where I digress. I can see my rationale. I recognize my laziness. And the morning self gets so mad at me for shifting my accountability mid-day. I recognize that I need to keep focused after 12:00pm and commit to the goals I set for myself. 

On the positive side, my trains haven't been working properly so I'm getting 2 miles of walking on Saturdays and Sundays.

No ordering in/out. I will prepare all the food that goes in my mouth.
No breads/pastas.
Yoga 3x.
Blog more...   it keeps your brain in the game.

And a reminder... 

This isn't about anyone but you, Nanette. This is about feeling great. This is about building yourself UP by building positive habits and lifestyle. You will only benefit from these rules and goals. There is NO DOWN SIDE. Stop fighting your own success.

Big Fat STUBBORN Love,
Nanette N.


  1. Girl, STOP with the ordering out! It takes twice as long to get a pizza delivered as it does to make your own dinner. On those crazy busy days, here's what I do:
    I defrost a pre-weighed chicken breast. When I come home, I cube it up, and throw it in a skillet with some Pam and seasoning. While that's cooking up, I make 1/2 cup of brown rice, and microwave some frozen corn (I know you actually eat veggies, so be creative). After the rice and the corn is done, I toss it in the skillet with the chicken, add some relatively clean BBQ sauce (six ingredients, low sodium and sugar, and no HFGs), some Frank's Red Hot, and some salt and pepper. Throw it all in a bowl. About 500 calories. It's not perfect, but it only takes fifteen minutes. You got this, boo.

  2. Your reminder to yourself is what you should have as your screensaver on your phone and taped up on the fridge or somewhere you can see it. You DO have the ability to take control. Just do it. Keep it simple. Don't try to get too much into complicated plans etc. You CAN do this!


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