Sunday, January 27, 2013

Self Challenge and a Techno wave

Weight: 307.8 (-2.5) GOOD FREAKIN' MORNING!
Water: no idea.
Work outs: 1 yoga session, 10 squats every morning and all the walking and stairs that go with being a New Yorker.
No Going Out/In: 7/7 days!!!  100%.
No Breads: 4/7 days.

Okay. So I can easily affiliate the number on the scale with how much I've been ordering out/in.


A big no-duh, right? Well, sometimes if you're obstinate, you have to figure it out the hard way. And I would say I didn't even cook that clean or healthily. Burgers without bread. Homemade chicken pizzas on pitas. Black bean and veg burritos. A huge salad here and there. In the morning, Q'ia or a small protein shake w/ hazelnut milk.

I've created my weekly grocery shopping template - and only buy when I run out. 

Shopping List...
Vanilla Shake
Hazelnut milk
Spinach or kale... something green and leafy, preferably on sale.
Shredded carrots
Baby tomatoes
Boiled eggs (buying 'em fresh obviously).
Oranges or kiwis or berries depending on sales.
Protein bar (from doc's office).
Meats - chicken cutlets, small steaks, pork chops (morton williams)
Cheeses - Shredded/crumbled Feta, Pecorino Romano, Mozzarella, or Parmesan. 
Cottage Cheese
String cheese 
Fresh Garlic
Basil Red Sauce or pesto sauce.
Black beans.
Peanut butter

Yeah... there's space for trimming that back to an even healthier list. Good room to grow. It's definitely better and more affordable than the Order In Every Other Night Diet.

Despite my reservations, I'm going to attend an Over-eaters Anon meeting this upcoming week. Because I seriously need a social life aside from my roommates and the boys I've dated... and because I have a serious issue with food, emotions, control and satiety. I have a hard time with the 12 step idea. Because as much as it says it's not a religious thing, it's constantly referring to Higher Power... etc. etc. etc. Due my naturally contrary nature, I can see that being an obstacle. Also, I'm deeply NOT a spiritual person. It's a thing.

On the only-sort-relevant-to-weight-loss front...  
  • The kitty knocked my laptop off the end table and broke it. 
  • My smart phone came in (I'm back on myfitnesspal daily now). 
  • And I financed a new laptop yesterday - normally not something I do, but since freelance is a source of income, I justified it. 

So I'm riding a new technology wave. Do you guys have any favorite apps? C25k? Runtracker? 

7 hours of walking (1 hour per day hopefully).
Track Calories

Big Fat Walk It Off Love,


  1. Awesome on your goals! You had a great week!

  2. I think it's great that you are giving OA a chance. I would imagine you can kind of remain silent on the "higher power" topic during meetings and take away the parts of their teachings that make sense to you. I used to work with a woman who was distinctly non-spiritual but had lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off for 20 years because OA taught her about trigger foods, emotional eating, situational triggers, etc. and she gained control over all those things because of the practices OA taught her. Maybe it will be much like that for you. You did great on your shopping/cooking/eating-in so keep it going! Protein, fiber, veggies veggies veggies!

  3. Cutting back on eating restaurant food is really important. Yes it is technically possible to lose weight with ordering in, but it is so damn hard. And why make life harder?

  4. Sweet week! Hoping this week has been just as great!


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