Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Three Things...

Number One... 

I'm not dead. I am still plugging along but have been a little negligent of blogging. My computer is back and functioning. The hard drive just took a nap and needed a nice little replacement (thank you applecare warrantee). And, still suffering from the stupid berry picking sprain, I have been dormant and going stir crazy. But managed to not eat everything in sight.

Number Two... 

I am still on track... Tracking all food, every day.

Number Three... 

Official Weekly Weigh In

346.0 (-.6)lbs.

Yeah, not even a full pound. But it's not a gain, it's a success, no matter how small. Plus, let's talk about how just counting calories, not even restricting myself, I was able to see a lower number.

This Week's Goals... 

  • Hear back from the dentist so I can work for them. 
  • Pee in a cup so I can work for the car dealership in case the dentist doesn't call. 
  • Take some very unflattering fat before photos 
  • Count calories and STAY UNDER 1980 per day. (switch it up, Nanette, log the calories BEFORE you eat them). 
  • Heal this damn foot so I can get walking around again. 
  • Stay happy with the mister by being more thoughtful 
Big Fat Love, 


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