Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Brain Droppings

Hey there.  

There's a lot knocking around the ol' noggin today. I'm hoping to get some of it out.

I hate my job. I work as a billing assistant remotely and have been doing it for approximately 3 weeks. Prior to that I was working as the admin assistant for the dentist that I'm now doing the billing for.

It is absolutely disheartening to have people complain about their bills and try to rework the numbers so that we owe THEM money instead of simply paying for the service they received. I'm working on a case right now that just reading his email has made my blood boil. I am dealing with this kind of shit from people every day. It's not really limited to a time of day though I like to tell myself it's from 2 - 5 Mon - Fri with all the flexibility I could want.

But then I get a call through the google voice number (that I forgot to put on Do Not Disturb) at 5am (I'm on the PST they are EST, so they think it's normal 8:00am). Just to get people BITCHING about their bills. I liked being an admin. I could help people make appointments, welcome them to the office, enjoy the pleasantness of the patients when they are being civil - then contact them when the bill isn't right and they remember I'm a person not just an automaton who wants their money.

Now... I am just dealing with whiners and men who are trying to push me around on the phone. No, sir. You are wrong, you owe us $500. Here is an itemization and the responses from your insurance company. You can pay it, or not. Whatever you choose. But ultimately - yes, you have received the services, please pay for them like a decent human being.

I feel like New York has followed me because of this job. This constant assholery and sense of deserving...   piled on top of not abiding by contracts.

My old landlord is trying to get out of paying the tenants of the last apartment the last month rent and deposit we paid. I paid my rent on time. I was nice to her family who lived beneath us. I kept the house nice and reported any damages... the reports went neglected, but it was no skin off my back. More than half the contract I was staying at the boyfriend's house anyway. I kept my end of the bargain, Can you?

Dr. Dentist kept her end of the bargain... and the patients aren't paying. I have done my best to collect, I've held up my end of the bargain and she hasn't paid me for last month's collections (due on the 2nd as per contract). So hurrah... now she's not paying.

In no way has my faith in humanity been reinforced by my experiences in NY. No offense to the New Yorkers out there. On an individual and non-professional basis, everyone is absolutely lovely. But I can't believe how that city brings out the dick in everyone. I was meaner, less patient, less happy.

I typed up my resignation for the dental billing job. It's just sitting on the desktop of my computer. It gives me enough patience to get through today. This week. Just get that other dentist job out here... just make enough to quit that job.

I may not be making millions but I get to have a clean slate. I may be really stretching from payday to payday. But it is so much easier to work with myself on a budget than these debtors on their accounts.

So... looking forward to the end of the week. I hope to hear great things from the dental office. I hope they sweep me up in their amazing atmosphere and working team environment and nurture me back to optimism.

Big Fat Love,

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  1. Sounds stressful - particularly dealing with complaints! Hope you get a positive response from the dentist's office.


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