Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weigh In


Weight: 343 (-3lbs) Lowest in MONTHS. 

I was super happy to see that number this morning. It was after I ate breakfast and everything. Not even a post-poop, pre-dressing, pre-eating weigh in!

Overall, things are good still. I wound up getting yet another job and now I'm working 7 days a week for the next 3 months. I anticipate some hardship, but I also anticipate that the structure will help me get into the groove and help me settle in.

To prepare for excessive working I have...
- Purchased pyrex tupperware for meal transport.
- Ironed and paired 10 outfits together.
- Created a calendar to help Mister remember what needs to be done around the house and when.
- Planned 10 days of breakfast/lunches.

My hope is to make every day very simple. Just wake up, put on the clothes, eat and pack the foods, go to work and come home, prep for the next day and enjoy 4 hours with my dearest. Fewer choices. More consistency. Structure.

I even got a Doc visit in today. I got the birth control renewed and she is thinking about putting me on an appetite suppressant before she recommends lap band. She wants me to try Phentermine. I need to schedule (and pay out of pocket for) an ECG/EKG. I don't know how much that will run me, but it may be a deal breaker. I'm not insured anymore since the move.

I've been working with a state agent on getting insurance and it turns out that I'm just going to be paying to pay. Since most plans don't pay out until after the $750 deductible has been met, I would wind up paying for most of these services out of pocket ON TOP of paying the monthly premium. Or I could just limit my use of health services until next year when it can actually be beneficial.

Big Fat Love,

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  1. I'm so happy that you're getting back on track. I do hope that these new jobs can bring consistency and routine. I lack that sooo much, which is why I'm planning to move.. once I find a new job that is.

    Congrats again!



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