Sunday, September 21, 2014


So my lovely Dr. has recommended that I try an appetite suppressant before we go as far as getting lapband. She would like to put me on Phentermine.

I've been reading up on it. Mostly people have a good success rate. Typically 30lbs lost per person. Sometimes it's over 3 months, sometimes it's over 6 months. It seems to taper. So the first month you may lose 15lbs, but the following months you may only lose 5 -10.

I would love to see that 30lbs gone. I'm skeptical of the drug. It may help with some of the hunger feelings. But it probably won't deter emotional eating... or maybe it will?

Side effects are raised blood pressure, headaches, nausea, false sense of well being.

I have a very healthy heart. Kinda low blood pressure. My cholesterols are typically just a touch under, Both HDL and LDL. However, Dr. has recommended I go in for an EKG. Since the Oregon move, I'm uninsured. After playing with the numbers and getting a quote of service. It'll be $230 roughly. It's still going to be cheaper to just pay out of pocket since I would have to pay $130 monthly for insurance and meet a $750 deductible before everything resets in JANUARY in order to see any sort of contribution from the insurance company.

Mister and I are looking at the budget. I can probably go in for the EKG in a couple weeks - money permitting. And we'll start this next phase of weight loss kick off.

I still need to take some unflattering before pictures. That is my favorite thing... to watch body changes and how clothing fits differently, how the body re-postures itself. It's just amazing. Gotta get on this!

BIg Fat Love,

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