Thursday, December 15, 2011


I weighed in yesterday. I've been working out every day since Sunday. I had GAINED 3lbs. I'm flipping through all sorts of emotions... bugged, angry, defeated, etc. I'm trying not to let that invalidate or cheapen the work I've been putting in.

Over the last 5 days...
250 minutes of cardio.
80 min of weight lifting
and consumed my freaking weight in vegetables.

Who knows...   Maybe I'm gaining muscle weight. Maybe my diet is imbalanced. Maybe I'm pushing myself too hard so body won't let go of lbs. My sodium intake has been lower. My water intake has been higher.

I am feeling some skin loosen in different places. But I'm not feeling any different in my clothing. We'll see what the real weigh in tomorrow will be. Pee it out, Nanette. Pee it out.

Big Fat wanna punch my fat in the face Love,


  1. Drink more, pee more. It's all good, Nanette, and you're going to do just fine.

  2. Just keep on doing what you're doing. The scale doesn't comply every week. But in the long run, it does. Just don't stop trying.

  3. Oh Nanette! I feel for you!!! That must be so frustrating!But please please don´t give in/up now. I know it feels like you´re doing this all for nothing, but it´s not. There is no way that there is no difference in your body when you are working out so much. You will see it soon.
    Keep at it. We´ll be here to help you.

  4. That is annoying! Keep it up and it will come off. Just don't go crazy while you are vacationing this weekend!

  5. We sometimes have a tendency to change because we do not get the instant results we crave when in fact, we are doing everything right. If you believe that you are being 100% honest with yourself and eating correctly, then ignore the scales for now and keep working at it. It will catch up with you eventually and you will see results.

    Your doing great!

  6. I noticed on my weight loss journey that weeks when I did a lot of exercise, I gained some (usually), especially the strength training sort of exercise. I assume it's transient inflammation and some muscle-building. In the end, if the calories are good, it works out. Just keep an eye on the long-term.

    Look at your food, too. If you exercise a lot, you better be doing very well on protein, or your body will not properly build muscle. It's a balancing act. Enough protein and nutrients, not too few calories, not too much exercise (could cause injury, etc). Balance...consistency. You'll see a change--whether in body composition (smaller size, clothes fit differently), on the scale, on a tape measure. Just plug on.


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