Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Boise Weekend.

Just got back from a fun weekend in Boise. I got to visit friends who have graduated and/or moved on from the college life. I made new friends. I tried new things. I even got a visit to the gym in. I didn't track calories. But I know I did okay.

Ashley, the one who invited me to stay with her, paid for my bus ticket to and from in exchange for voice lessons. It was such a great experience to teach her. She was responsive and bodily aware. It was definitely more rewarding than the high school student I taught last semester. Her accompanist, Esteban, was so wonderful. He's a classical guitarist. They were working on Bachianas Brasileras. It was the most healthy and helpful collaboration I've ever witnessed. Esteban was happy to hear what I was doing with Ashley and commented on a lot of the things that were working. I found out after the lessons that Esteban has his doctorate from Indiana University (prestigious music program). I love that I had no idea. He chose to just be a musician instead of a doctor of music. He was without pretension. It's possible! It gives me faith that I can escape this program and hopefully find a collaboration of my own that's just as rewarding.

We went to a couple bars. We danced. MAN did we dance (cardio)! My hips are still tight. She threw a house party in my honor. A few of the other Boise friends came out of the woodwork in addition to strangers that she ran into that day and her own collection of people she wanted to share. It was a collection of free-minded, love everyone, hippies. There was a man named Og sporting dreds, one enormous gauged ear, who hugged me and greeted me as "sister." There was also a lot of talk about Burning Man and Rainbow Family Gatherings. A man named Calvin - as in calvin and hobbes, and yes he some times has an imaginary friend. Joe, Jason, Jack, James... I would tell you more if I could remember which one was which. heh.

Ashley, Me, Lindz 
My Aunt LD had me over for an art party. We play with new techniques and toys whenever I go there. We throw around different visual ideas for journaling or expression in general. I'm meaning to put together a positive affirmation page or visual goals... I need to buy a couple health magazines. I have plenty of weight loss pages. But not many envisioning a thin healthy future.

Yet to be finished, painted this weekend

Favorite part though. Ashley works at an all vegetarian tea house. So lovely tea. Lovely veggie burgers. Thorough menu. Spicy kale chips. We (Ashley, Lindz and I) went on Ashley's day off and had lunch. We painted there. Lindz got out her loom and was weaving a scarf. It was a really laid back vibe. No one was going to get mad at us for using our water glasses to rinse paint brushes. :)

I weighed in yesterday when I got back and went to work out. I actually lost a pound! 332! So I consider the vacation a healthy release with a few minor indulgences. I'm excited that until Jan 2 I have no school or work so I can relax, paint, work out, research healthier food and work out options and COOK!

Off to the gym with Trent,


  1. You look great in this photo, I can really see the weight you've lost in your face. The visual pages are a great idea too--those are on my list of things to do for early 2012. Hope you had a great christmas!

  2. Sad to have missed you, but so happy you had a great time in B town!

  3. LOL I just moved from and lived in Idaho Falls for a good 3 yrs. I like that when you have not been to Boise, many say it "boyzee" but when you go there you find out how it is pronounced "boysee". Loved reading of your great time there!
    I had a good friend who is like the president of the Rainbow Family "Bear" and wife "Shadow" who boast of owning the original "Magic Bus". They were in Montana for a second, then went is there way. LOL Learned much from them. Miss them a lot.

    I started following you. The fat fight is on, ey?

  4. oh that's super cool Bluezy! Nice to meet a fellow Idahoan.

    I get into so many arguments over the pronunciation of Boise. It is a french word. Intervocalic 'S' in french is pronounced as a "Z." I don't care if the natives say it a different way. Native Idahoans say Crick instead of Creek as well. DOESN'T MEAN IT'S RIGHT!

    That's so awesome that you've got yourself a few of the great granola friends too. I love that when I go up there Ashley reminds me how to be patient and loving and RELAX.


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