Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mid-week Finals

Normally I get to weigh in on tuesday and thursday to sort of keep and eye on my progress. This week I've been pressed for time and I'm in for a surprise on Friday! We'll see what happens.

I've been switching up my workout. I've switched from bike to elliptical. From upper body weights to lower. Longer cardio. Longer weights. I'm up to 1.5 hours a day a the gym since Sunday. I'm feeling good. I'm pushing myself on the elliptical. Every four minutes, I do the fifth minute as hard and fast as possible. Just trying to integrate some interval training. I started on sunday doing 7 minute intervals. But I'm getting faster and better... and Pushing myself for more intervals in the 25 minutes I do on it.

I'm squatting more than Trent does now. More reps, heavier weights. Tell ya what... hauling all this fat around has SOME benefits. heh. The times of day have been varied so far too... I'm trying to do some mornings. Tonight was the first night. I didn't have work due to my final. Night time is Nanette-working-a-desk-job time. So it was a little tougher tonight to push myself. But I hope it will kick my body in gear and get off this plateau.

Look at that smooth hair!!! It's growing so quickly! 
The diet has been going medium so far this week. a lot of salads. I've had a little chicken. a little fish. a little cheese here and there. Today at my voice pedagogy final, the teacher brought pizza. I had a veggie piece since I wouldn't have time to make anything before gym time. I also had a couple brownie bites. So yeah... that's falling right off the raw thing. Do I feel bad about it though? Not really. I'm trying not to eat less than 1700 calories a day and tomorrow morning is back to bananas and yogurt and salads and tilapia.

I notice my hair is behaving much better these days. I'm loving that benefit as well. :)

I AM DONE WITH FINALS. p.s. I rocked the voice ped final today. We're allotted 2 hours. The teacher is pretty picky... But I feel pretty darn good about my answers. They were thorough. AND done in 30 minutes. My study group paid off this morning. I can breathe easy with all that out of the way.

Now on to Christmas with the family and figuring out what to do about my danged lost cellphone...

Big Fat Midweek Love,


  1. Halleluiah to finals being done!! Honestly, I had to google "vocal pedagogy". I can appreciate your stress over THAT final and your joy that is is now so successfully completed.

    And you're spot on about the hidden strength benefit of lugging the extra pounds around for many years. I discovered the exact same thing! Once my extra layers were worked off, I discovered some significant muscle under there!

    P.S. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. I love red hair.

  2. You've inspired me, dear - I'm going on W.W. tomorrow and am going to start hitting the gym again. I've gone WAY too long without doing anything and gained WAY too much weight - I'm hating myself at the moment and want to find "me" again underneath the layers. I gotta look and feel like me again! You're doing an incredible job - I can't believe how much time you spend at the gym. I'm blown away. Keep it up. I'm lovin' the blog, BTW. :)

  3. LOL! Had to type in the captcha for my previous comment, which, if you sounded it out, basically said, "You're poopy". Uh, agreed. I think. :)

  4. Love your hair!! I wish I had such thick hair.
    Your week is going really good and I bet you´ll end the challenge with a bang! Crossing my fingers for you!

  5. Cathy! I'm so glad, we can do this together! Keep each other in line! :) If you put a blog together, let me know! I'd love to read along.

  6. Ahhh, love the hair. Congrats on being done with finals. Lost cell phone would be a lost April? I have more long distance friends than I do the ones here, I talk on mine all the time! Happy Holidays!


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