Saturday, December 17, 2011

CDCC - last check in

Hey everyone!

Last go around...

Weigh in: 332 (+3)
Exercise: 6/7
Diet: 7/7 under 1900/mostly green.
Book: Skinny Bitchy - Done.
Dress: Still many sizes away - can't get it on yet. :( But soon I'll be in a 24.
Pant size: 28 to 26.
Shirt size: tight 4x to tight 3x.
Bra: 46DD to 44D

Good news. My body is changing. I can pinch loose skin over my belly, breasts, thighs, ass and arms. Here's hoping that skin with adjust. Though I've promised myself, if I can reach -100 to -120 lbs and keep it off for one year, I will allow myself skin reduction surgery. I don't believe that plastic surgery solves self esteem issues, but this one might be not be cosmetic. I'm a large woman. I don't need my fat skirt to turn into a skin one.

That's the difference of -11 lbs. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed that the loss was so small, but I think that I've added a lot of muscle and built some excellent habits. 
  • I'm not afraid of the gym much anymore. I will try whatever machine I can. 
  • I've done a dance class IN SPANDEX IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. Whoa, that in conjunction with swim class, I was basically naked in public four times a week. Tell ya what, that's the cure to insecurity. 
  • I finally went in to get my blood panels done. Thank god I'm not diabetic. Here's hoping I can take these preventative measures. 
  • I've learned a lot about nutrition and exercise and how to muscle through even when you're not seeing results. 

Here's looking at what I can accomplish before the big move next June. Hopefully more than another -11lbs. But I think I'm on the verge of the next big weight drop with a new work out regime starting and waiting for this last work out intensive week to take it's toll. Hell, I'm okay with not losing a ton more weight, as long as I see a difference in my body. My legs are looking so much smoother and actually toned in certain places (calves and ankles). I look forward to concentrating on my fat wings and seeing what I can do to help my upper body strength. 

Good job, guys! It's been fun watching and reading about others' journeys. Sometimes it's just what I need to hear that day... whether it be knowing I'm not alone in a struggle or that the progress I see in others is inspiring. You've all been so helpful. 

I'm probably going to keep blogging about weight loss. I've still got a whopping 100lbs to lose. I'm staying subscribed to others and hopefully we can continue to support and work, with or without the next challenge. 

Big Fat -11lbs Love, 


  1. I applaud you for the efforts you are making. Don't be disappointed in the loss. I don't know about you but I could gain twice that much in the same amount of time. Be glad for the progress, work to correct the challenges, and don't ever give in to negativity.

  2. I can see a difference! Especially in your upper back. Congrats to those 11 lbs. They are gone and you can do the rest too. I´m rooting for you and am here to stay.

  3. Nanette! Congrats on finishing the challenge, I was unable to due to life turning into hell... but, you rock!

    I can see a difference. That is really cool, keep going. Seeing your personal growth and learning what you are *capable of is the true success. Not fearing the gym or exercising in spandex - you have me beat, by a mile or six. Set some mini, concrete goals for the upcoming month. Be good to yourself, keep fighting and... WIN! You're.Worth.It.

  4. What you are doing is showing! You are dedicated to continuing with the program, and I'm so glad you are going to continue blogging and reading. There is so much to learn here.

    I have enjoyed being in the challenge with you and hope we will still be in touch. There is work to be done!

  5. Your working it girl, that is what counts. Keep going and keep up the great work. You are doing great.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  6. I can see that difference in the before and after pics!! Keep working out!!! Going to the gym!! THat was a HUGE battle for me!! Dont quit!! Stay accountable! Posting is agreat accountability tool!!!

  7. Congrats on what you've accomplished so far, it's only just begun! Ive got 100 pounds to go yet myself so I'll still be blogging along & supporting as I go, can't wait to see what more you can do:-). Happy holidays!

  8. Nanette, first off---yay for finals being over! I don't think I fared too well during finals week either, despite my best efforts. Even though you might not be happy with the amount of weight you lost during the challenge, I can see the changes on your body. Just keep on muscling through it, I'm really impressed with your recent workout regime!

  9. Good job on the weight loss. I can see a difference too. As mentioned in a couple blogs, your body can change even if tour weight doesn't move a much as you would like. Keep rocking the exercise and you'll get there.

  10. Your going to the gym and doing the exercise shows....congrarts. Like you say on your blog it's a slow constant fight.....keep it up. I've got a long way to go still and will check and see how you're going too. Have a good holiday season.

  11. I can see an difference also. I think you did great and 11 lbs is not bad at all. Keep on going you are doing and have done an amazing job

  12. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! I think 11 lbs is an excellent loss! Keep at it! Those little changes are what keep us going!


  13. Nanette, 11 pounds is an excellent loss. I love that you're regrouping and getting your head in gear for moving forward.

  14. Awesome loss!!! It shows and you are looking great!


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